Free Speech Is Threatened On College Campuses by: Amber Brown

Prime Argument: The country is in a state of division. From politics to religion, people have found something to disagree on. Everyone wants their voice to be heard and wants the world to know how they feel . However, some voices are censored, while others are able to speak freely. Censorship has played a big role in the voice of college students, on the matters of our country. Many college students feel that they have not be given a equal opportunity to express their feelings about certain matters, especially on topics such racism and gender identity. It has caused a lot of protest on many college campuses across the country. There are many outsiders who stand with them and believe their voices should be heard, but they are also people who believe that they should only be able to voice their opinion, to a certain extent. However, I believe every student's voice should be heard and their opinion should not be censured, whether it be negative or positive.

Questions: Should college students be able to speak freely on a topic? Are college students too sensitive? Should censorship be banned?

Why my research is important: This research is important because since this country was formed, it has always been a group of people that did not have a voice, in the matters of our country. I believe everyone should have a say in the matters of country, that they live in. It should not matter how old or young you are, your voice should matter. Talking about censorship and how it makes people feel voiceless, will hopefully inspire future generations, to get rid of it all together. Though some people may negative things to say on certain matters, their right to say it, should not be taken away. The first amendment gave us the right to speak freely and from the heart. So really, leaders on college campuses are committing a crime because they are trying to stop people from speaking their truth, when it's a right that was given, before colleges even existed. I hope this research encourages people to speak out on topics even more, to never let anyone take their voice away from them.


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