Winter Solstice The shortest day celebration


The winter solstice is celebrated in the north pole on December 21. There are no religions linked to this. We celebrate this holiday because scientists/astronomers discovered that when the sun sets farthest south, that was the shortest day. The day has twenty-four hours, but has fewest hours of daylight.
Looking through the keyhole at the top of the pyramid is what you are supposed to do to find out if it is the shortest day. Once you can see the sun through the hole that means it is "The Winter Solstice." A lot of people do this because it is a short and easy way to find out if it is the shortest day.
Christmas and The Winter Solstice are similar because lots of people celebrate and its in the winter. We celebrate by putting up lights on your house, baking, making snowmen, and decorating the inside of your house. People are also very nice around these holidays. For example, people hand out warm buns during the winter solstice. During Christmas some people go around and hand out cookies, or adopt a family.
Girls wear a crown like this while passing around warm buns. They are made out of evergreen and there are candles on it. The candles are on the crown to rekindle the sun's fire. This is a thing that girls enjoy and it is very important to them. They decorate by putting evergreen branches all over, and it is like decorating for Christmas.
This is important to the culture because it is the shortest day on earth. This is also a minor holiday, because people do not really celebrate it they just know about it. I personally did not know about the holiday.
The northern hemisphere celebrates this holiday. The sun rays/hours would be different in other places, but i think everyone still celebrates this not just the northern hemisphere.
In the United States we don't really have a similar holiday. We celebrate Christmas and that is kind of similar to The Winter Solstice because a lot of people decorate. They are also alike because they are both in the month of December.
Christmas is a huge this because it is the birth of Jesus


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