There Oughta Be A Law "A Change In The Driving Age Limit"

Hello there, my name is Clay Ewell and i think we should lower the driving age limit.

Down below is my 396 word essay i worked on this week for school. Enjoy

I think we should change the age where we are able to drive. We should be able to practice and receive our temps at 14 years old. If the teenager is under 18 will have his or her Permit / Licence suspended for a short time if the teenager has done a traffic violation or crime. The younger you are, the higher the time the Permit / Licence will be suspended. The teenagers under 18 would not receive a fine unless the teenager has done something else illegal, such as drug use or holding a weapon. There would also be a height limit as well. If you had done any crimes, under 14, that were serve, you would not be able to receive your Permit / Licence until you were 18 or older. This law needs to be changed because if we changed this law, we would be able to help out our parents picking up our brother or sister, help with groceries or delivering items and going to places that we are not able to get to on this current day. More reasons this law should be created is if your family is ill or wounded you would be taught and trained to be able to drive out of the area to a hospital or a different location. This law should be enforced depending the teenager’s age. If the teenager is under 18 and has done a traffic violation or a crime while in the car, he or she would have his or her Permit / Licence suspended for a while. If he or she has done something minor, the person could not drive for less than 1 year. If done something major, then the person cannot drive for more than 1 year or cannot drive until 18 years old. This law would be effective for us teenagers to be able to drive to school or work. This law would also be very effective because if your friend or parent is drunk and is in the front seat, and you went to the driving school, you could drive and take him or her safely home and no accidents would happen. There Should also be changes in laws for minimum age for working, An increase in minimum wage and if trained properly, maybe allow lower ages for CCW permits depending on the district he or she is in for safety.

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