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Jungle Water is the charitable offshoot of the Christopher Robert Project, an American 501(c)3 organization supporting education, community development and public health in Thailand's isolated villages. Jungle Water connects conscious travelers with important field work assisting villages in their attempt to attain safe water. Program organizers have packed in all kinds of exciting extras including lodging, some meals, courtesy Thai language and a day assisting with ethical Elephant Care and Conservation!

A Jungle Sunrise Inspires New Beginnings

Sustainable Solutions


The Need

A Problem with the Water

Isolated tribal villages depend on surface and ground-water for their lively-hood despite reports that SE Asia has the most contaminated water in the world. In 2016 village headmen began reporting elevations of illness including diagnosed cancer and kidney disease. Leaders of 10 villages have requested help in attaining safe water for their villages after their water sources tested unfit for human consumption. Each year deaths are reported and the quality of water is suspected. Since village families earn less than $1 a day, purchasing expensive bottled water is out of their reach and lands directly on our organization's radar.

Sustainable Solutions for Urgent Need

Join Our Tribe

You'll learn to assemble our low tech-high impact village water filters in a fun and casual training environment. Jungle Water's unique filter solution is made from locally sourced items including PVC pipe. That's right, if you can build with Lego's you can build a sustainable water filter that will provide a family with safe water for life! You'll also learn the basic principles of water and sanitation hygiene. This one hour workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of safe water practices, why it's important and how isolated villages benefit from WaSH training. Your program fee includes the purchase of materials needed to build, leak-test, provide WaSH village training to families and filter follow-up in under-served communities throughout Northern Thailand.

First Dream it Then Do it!
Jungle Water's two to four week programs are based in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand!
Travel for Purpose and Aventure

A Quick Glance

  • Program Orientation
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Village Orientation
  • Village Briefings / Debriefings
  • Courtesy Thai Language
  • Weekly Village Fieldwork
  • Assist with Elephant Care and Conservation
  • Farewell Dinner and Acknowledgements
  • Comfortable Roommate Accommodations

The Tribe Online

When you've paid your program fee, you'll receive an invitation to join the Jungle Water FB group. There you can mingle with other program participants to discuss your trip, express concerns, share ideas and more. You can even ask questions of the moderators, staff and program coordinators. The Tribe's goal is to get you prepared for your trip.

Wait! Double-Check Your Dates

Kinda Important

Be sure to arrange to arrive in Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) no later than noon on the Thursday prior to your Friday start date. Keep in mind, Friday in Thailand is Thursday in America. On arrival, take a tuk-tuk or taxi to your new Chiang Mai digs. Sign in, receive your room key. All local tourist information and more is included in the Jungle Water Pre-departure Packet available online 45 days before departure.

Explore Your Surroundings


During the week you participate in your program area in the city and villages but weekends are yours to explore the area. Jungle Water teams may be jungle-tough but we realize nothing can replace a well balanced life. That's why we've carved ample time in your schedule for exploration or just to unwind and reflect on your amazing surrounding.

Empowerment through Public Health Programs

As your program in Thailand winds down, your hard work is celebrated with a farewell dinner of epic proportion! The final Friday you'll eat and drink like kings and queens then follow the after-party into the city and party like rock-stars!

Sabai Sabai...

Relax, What's the Hurry?

Take your time it's okay, you don't have to check out until noon on Sunday. Finally, you'll leave Thailand with deep satisfaction of having traveled the globe to help with an urgent and return home knowing exactly why and how you made a difference in the lives of tribal residents living without their humanitarian right to safe water.

Omkoi Province, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jungle Water Guests
Village Above the Clouds, We Go There


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