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What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are many forces that work against a supranational cooperation, they are called centrifugal forces. An example of this is the different cultures and languages. There are also forces that work for a supranational cooperation, they are called centripetal forces. An example of this is the EU all having a common currency, the Euro. The reason that different languages can work against a supranational cooperation is because not everyone speaks the same language or thinks the same way. This is important because if everyone doesn't understand each other there can be fights about what people are saying. Also it is harder for people to travel from country to country if they don't know the new language. The reason the people having different cultures can work against a supranational cooperation is because not everyone would be in the same mindset--there would be lots of disagreements. This is important because if people disagree on everything then there will be fights. If two different places disagree then they may fight. These are two of the centrifugal forces in a supranational cooperation. These are the thing that will separate Europe.

This is a picture of an EU flag broken. Centrifugal forces separate and break the EU so if the centrifugal forces overwhelm the EU this kind of thing could happen.

What is the most effective style of government?

A pure communist society is theoretically the most effective style of government. In a pure communist society all citizens are completely equal and everyone can live in peace by themselves, growing their own crops sewing their own clothes. Other than the occasional barter between people everyone is equal. This is important because if everyone is completely equal than everyone has the same amount of power. None. For the same reason, everyone has the same rights and there is no leader. Communists, in a pure communist society, can all do whatever they want as long as they do not interfere with other people. If everyone can do what they want, then there would be no fights about what someone can or cannot do. For these reasons, and many others, a pure communist society is the most effective form of government. (Because of human instinct pure communism is almost impossible, for someone would try to take over the peaceful communists as a dictator because there is no power so it is extremely easy for a dictator to control the people.)

In a communist society, everyone is equal to do what they want, as shown in the picture.

What makes a good citizen?

To be a good citizen one has to be informed, have tolerance for their own and other’s mistakes, and to be able to have their own ideas. People need to be informed because something could be happening and they would have no idea what it is. They need to know what it is because then they can help out if it a problem or they can share their beliefs if it is a decision or a vote. People need to have a tolerance for mistakes because everyone makes mistakes and it would not be fair to not let them off easy. Being a good citizen is also about learning from mistakes, and people can not learn from mistakes if they can not tolerate them in the first place. People need to have their own ideas because otherwise one person would have all of the power. They would have all the power because no one would have any other ideas for laws or government or even small things like what bank to go to.

Good citizens, as said in the good citizen paragraph, vote. This is a picture of a real life situation that good citizens follow when they can.

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