Who Am I? Sierra Apodaca

Table of Contents

  • Before this Class
  • CIS Results
  • Careers that sparked my interest
  • Rquired education
  • Schooling options
  • Companies


  • I'm very pactient, persistant,and hard working
  • I procrastinate, I'm always busy, lose interest
  • My plans were to be a Veterinary Opthalmologist
  • Air Force, Graduate college, Dream Job


  • Interest Profiler: My top picks were social jobs
  • IDEAS: Realistic and Social which are major keys for jobs
  • Workplace Importance Locator: Recognizing what's important first and the steady of work conditions
  • Career Cluster: Health science, and agriculture are my top results
  • All of my results I'm intested in


  • Health and Medical careers popped up
  • I'm interesed in helping people and animals
  • Veterinary Medicine is my top preference
  • My next choice would be nursing or doctoring


  • Get a Bachelors in Biology or Animal Science
  • Study Veterinary Medicine
  • Go onto study ophthalmology in animals


  • Before I begin school I want to join the U.S Air Force
  • Boise State University for a bachelors degree
  • University of California - Davis for my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine
  • UC Davis also has a veterinary ophthalmology program


  • Not very many ophthalmology jobs out there
  • I would like to go Hawaii Veterinary Vision Care
  • There is only one on the island
  • If not there than maybe in Boise, ID at West Vet
  • The last place I would chose would be Ophthalmology for Animals in Santa Cruz CA.


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