LPS Technology Consulting, LLC Uber ratings improvement class: TESTIMONIALS

I cheer bravo for you Ms. Smith, for a job well done!!! This class was very impressive. I previously worked in customer service at Hecht , Nordstrom, Target & MCPS and am now a professional electrician working for local 26 IBEW & with all that training in customer service, I felt I knew enough to drive for Uber but this class proved me wrong! I strongly support an idea that this class should be mandatory before anyone starts driving for Uber (Ronald A, Uber X Partner/DC, 11/20/15)

It was a pleasure for me [to] [attend] that [ratings] improvement class. Without your pedagogical ability and mastery of the subject, we certainly wouldn’t assimilate the lesson and get positive results. Thank you again. My God protect you! (Yacoub E, Uber X Partner/DC, 11/20/15)
Preparing to teach on 11/4/15

“Yes ma’am, you were awesome! I came in upset and “knowing it all.” However, you equipped me with the ability to see things differently. I was impressed with your [range of] knowledge.” (Uber X Partner/DC, 10/27/15)

Ready for class (10/27/15)
"You have helped me so much, more than you know. I had been doing everything wrong. I want to be a lady like you!” (Uber X Partner/DC 9/2/15)"

"This Uber Driver/Ratings Improvement class was conducted with professionalism and grace and the instructor's knowledge of Uber policies and procedures was impressive -- so much so that I would take the class again! I learned so much about the Washington, DC area and how to maneuver around the city. I even learned things about the DC area that I did not know, despite living in the area most of my life. Among other things, the instructor confidently answered all questions on how to use the Uber partner app, how to provide stellar rider experiences, and how to be professional and impressive while transporting riders, all in an engaging and interactive setting. I highly recommend this class!" (Jackie M, Uber X Partner/DC 8/14/15)

Preparing to testify (on behalf of Uber) at a Congressional subcommittee hearing on ridesharing, jobs and the economy (Rayburn House Office Bulding, 9/29/15)

"Coming from a background of years in customer service and support, it was nice to see a company with helpful knowledgeable people, specifically, you!" (Uber X Partner 8/14/15)

"I attended this class to learn how to improve my driving. My instructor was very knowledgeable & thorough and explained everything very clearly. I am now one of the best Uber X drivers in DC, just from attending this class!" (Susan M, Uber X Partner/DC 8/5/15)

"It's not often that you meet people who are genuinely interested in helping others succeed in a business that they are already in; however, Ms. Smith has proven to be an exception to that rule. In the nearly 3 hours that I met with her [before signing up as an Uber driver], she explained to me the ins and outs of the ridesharing business. She imparted wisdom that most people would keep to themselves and let you figure out on your own. Ms. Smith's vast expertise allowed me to make an educated decision on whether or not I would be interested in partaking of this [ridesharing] adventure. While I've never had someone that I could truly call a mentor, I call Ms. Smith my Uber mentor because that is just what she has been to me. When I have questions, she answers without hesitation, and is able to cite the rules, regulations, court cases, etc., to confirm her answers. She is courteous, knowledgeable, and professional at all times, and is an outstanding teacher and mentor for anyone entering the ridesharing business or even those who have been in the ridesharing business for some time." (Angela E, Uber X Partner/DC 6/7/15)

"On 11/20/14 I attended an event (hosted by the "100 Entrepreneurs Project" at the Ft. Belvoir Army base) during which "the Uber opportunity" was presented by an Uber DC Operations & Logistics Manager and Ms. Smith. I was immediately struck by her easygoing yet poised, confident demeanor, articulate delivery and thoughtful, knowledgeable answers, as well as her engaging personality in fielding questions from our diverse group of about 25 “wounded warrior” service members who were in the process of separating from the Army, many of whom, including myself, were hearing about Uber for the first time. Shortly after that presentation, I contacted Ms. Smith to sign up as an Uber driver, and she expertly guided me through the process and provided valuable insights on how to be successful, with an emphasis on professionalism and top-notch customer service." (George H, Uber X Partner/DC)

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