Good Life Tour of the Harn Ashley Turnoff

Both of these sculptures helped me understand how beautiful and detailed these sculptures can be. I never realized how much work these sculptures can take. I think that the fact that this is made out of stone and it was carved so perfectly into making this important sculpture of religion made me see how striking it is. The second artwork that was striking was the Seated Buddha. I love Buddhas and all the detail that was put into making this. Both of these sculptures stood out to me because they both represented some type of religion. This made me appreciate religion and the art that comes with it.

This Asian Art Wing is definitely my favorite wing out the whole museum. This wing had the most amazing looking sculptures. There was one that is on the floor and it is very big and so incredible. I really like that the wing is so spacious and every artwork is perfectly positioned. I love all the pieces inside of the glass holding, they have so much detail and interesting texture.

This artwork is about family. Family is a major core value for me. This art looks like there is a mom and dad and daughter/son. This sculpture is so beautiful and means so much to me because it represents how close you are to the people you love. The parents are joined together by the child, and this represents my family because my parents have me and my little sister.

I think that this painting portrays my good life because I absolutely love New York and this is a painting of Manhattan. This shows that I want to travel more especially by visiting New York again. This makes me appreciate the artwork and how beautiful the artist made Manhattan look so beautiful and magical and it really is. In my opinion this portrays the good life and how a beautiful city can make people so happy.

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