Icebreaker Book Review by:jarrett,mms

Honk honk! The boat is leaving the harbor. But a girl races on board, but she does not know it’s going to the cold arctic sea.

Also Peterl is a survivor. Her parents were thrown overboard. In the book Icebreaker by Lian Tanner, Petrel just wanted to be a normal girl . She always felt like a outcast. But the only people she can trust are two large grey rats. So she spots a half dead boy on an iceberg. She rescues him,. hoping she had found a new friend.

Author Lian Tanner’s book is one of the most adventurous books I have ever read. My favorite part is where Petrel rescues a half dead boy off of an iceberg. Petrel could feel the cold air pushing on her face trying to rescue the boy. I chose this part because it’s one of the most adventurous parts in the book. Petrel was really brave to save the boy's life off of the iceberg.

As a result this book taught me to take risk. They try a lot of daring thrilling parts. As an example when they unlock the code into the upper deck of the boat. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Also this book’s greatest value is all the action they do in this book. Petrel always stays positive about things that go her way and things that do not go her way.

I would say the greatest value is action because they try to stay hidden on the lower deck . And always try to sneak around and solve codes and be fast. Petrel and the boy have been through an adventure. They have solved codes and snuck around the boat without getting caught. I would recommend this book to people that like taking risk. You would enjoy this book because you would fit right into it. I would also recomend it to people that like a little bit of action you would feel like Petrel because of all the things she does.

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