Saola (Asian Unicorn) amina khan

The animal that I will be talking about is a deer like animal called Saola. You can only find this animal in Vietnam. Vietnam has about six ecosystems which are wetland ecosystems, Coastal mangroves, peat swamps, lagoon, coral reefs, and the sea around the coastal islands.

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia. it is bordered by three bodies of water. which are Gulf of Tonkin to the east, South China sea to south, Gulf of Thailand to the west.

The ecosystems I'll be talking about is Coastal Mangroves. Mangrove forests grow only at tropical and subtropical latitudes near the equator because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures. They are important because people depend on the mangrove forest for wood, also they trap sediments flowing down rivers and off the land. This prevents erosion from waves and storms.

On the left is a Forest Mangrove in Florida and on the right is in Vietnam.

Soala is a endemic specie. You can only find this organism only in annamite mountains of Vietnam. They are critically endangered. It's still unknown on how many of these animals still exist. WorldWildlife has been involved in creating a plan for the management of protected areas and continues to work on projects in the region.

  • Saola shares its habitat with tigers and crocodiles, these species are considered to be its worst enemies.
  • Pregnancy lasts between 8 and 9 months and ends with one baby
  • A Saola hadn’t been photographed since last century
  • It can reach 59 to 77 inches in length and their weight is between 176 and 220 pounds.
To the left its a adult Saola, and to the right is how the Annamite mountains look like




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