Apple Classroom

Whole Class Options

  • Red highlight means they are not an option for us because we are not sharing iPads

Individual Student Options

  • Red actions mean they won't be available because we do not use shared iPads.
  • Yellow means "Please do not use this option". Do not reset their password.


Things to Know

  • Both you and your students need to have 3 things ready for this to work: lock screen unlocked, connected to wifi and bluetooth on.
  • On your opening screen of classes, there is no way to rename them or reorder them. You will have to learn your own order.
  • If you are pushing out an app, you must all have the app and make sure it is the same version as the students. (ex: Pic collage vs. Pic Collage for kids)
  • Sharing websites: Save as a favorite in your Safari or share directly from Safari. There are directions for sharing directly from Safari in the class instructions above.
  • Caution about being sure you are in the correct class period before you start to use because students in nearby classrooms that you have other periods of the day could be affected.
  • If you open an app for them AND lock it, they will not be able to take screenshots. If the app you share is unlocked, they can take screenshots.
  • Students might report their apps and folders getting jumbled, or grayed out.
  • If you lock their device, they can get out of it by: restarting their iPad, walking out of range from you, or if the teacher disconnects from bluetooth or wifi for more than 20 seconds.
  • Split classes will make this a little more difficult to use lock feature. Switching back and forth between classes seems to lose the lock feature.
  • It may take a day or two for schedule changes or new students to sync.
  • Be sure to close the app when you are not using it so it does not use lose unnecessary battery life.


Created with images by Brett Jordan - "Diamonds A"

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