Laana " that's just the way it is"

Getting To Know Me

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Alaana, but most people call me Laana, Lah-nuh. Or Llama really, but we won't get into the back story. Um, well you want me to start at the beginning? Well, I was born in Pineville, Louisiana. You won't hear the accent unless I'm comfortable with you though. I'm the oldest of five, a sister and three brothers, we are half siblings (except my sister). My mom and dad had me while they were in college, so I spent my first couple years on a campus. I am a momma's girl all the way, but my dad is pretty cool too. I spent a lot of time with my parents when I was younger so I picked up a couple hobbies from them.

I've always been a more reserved person, so I naturally picked up on art as a "hobby". I try to attempt all media just for the heck of it. I have found though that I am more comfortable with water color, but most of my work is done in colored pencil. I guess I love a challenge.

Cooking... it's in my blood. I have no meal plan because I cook all the time. I might start a business out of my room...legally of course. Any job I have in the future it will have to include food. Free preferably.

Speaking of food, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Popeyes Corporate. I was stationed in the operations department which meant I got to work around the food everyday. While there we got to work on recipes and cook times, and I was able to eat about 75% of the food we prepared. A majority of the food was international, so the variety of flavors changed my palette for the better. Also, this job challenged me to the max. It threw me into situations that I wouldn't normally be comfortable in, but they were very vocal about how to craft my skills.

When I came to Johnson City I knew no one, like many people. I wasn't in a rush to make friends, it just naturally happened. I've met some of my closest friends in the weirdest places( the bathroom for example). They are the best though, never thought I'd find people as weird as me.


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