Ronald Regan The True RENAISSANCE Man

Ronald Regan, is really known for his presidency but he did a lot more in his besides that!

It is truly an understatement to call Ronald Regan just talented, he was a Renaissance Man. Our 40th President started from humble beginnings though. Ronald Regan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. As a child he faced many challenges. Such as, his family was very poor and had to move a lot. That is, until his family finally settled down in Dixon, Illinois. From there he went to Eureka College, getting a degree in Social Science, Economics, and Acting. On top of that, he played Football, Basketball, Swimming, and Track. He also coached and cheerleaded. To explain his degree in acting he acted in 17 plays. To conclude, that was just the beginning on a true Renaissance Man’s life.

Ronald Regan college theater.

Ronald Regan in football uniform at Eureka college. He also did basketball, track, swimming, and cheer.

Ronald Regan as young boy in Illinois.

After finishing college Ronald Regan became a sports announcer, which got him noticed by brands and salesmen. After awhile, he started acting in commercials and TV. Unfortunately, a young actor died in a car accident in the process of filming. Henceforth, opening a spot for a young and energetic Ronald Regan to start a Hollywood acting career. Ronald Regan starred in 4 Hollywood flicks; Knute Rockne, Kings Row, Bedtime for Bonzo, and General Electric Television. Also, he won 3 awards, a Golden Globe, a Golden Boot, and a Walk of Fame. In addition, people called Ronald Regan the most successful actor ever. As can be seen, Ronald Regan’s acting career was a major part of how he is a Renaissance Man, yet what comes next earns him his title

Ronald Regan as an announcer just out of college.

Ronald Regan in his hit film Bedtime for Bonzo.

Ronald Regan in Knute Rockne.

Ronald Regan decided to go into politics after acting. He was pretty good in that field because a little later in his life he became the Governor of California. Nevertheless, Ronald Regan was an ambitious politician, so he decided to run for President multiple times; failing each time, until one election where he won by a landslide. However, the 40th President had a lot of challenges during his terms. Such as, economic crisis in America, Berlin( Both East and West Germany were at each other's throats since WW2), Russia, and, not to mention an attempted assassination against him! Through all of that though, Ronald Regan helped America prosper, his achievements like ending the Cold War against Russia, improving national relations, tearing down the Berlin Wall, Reganomics, and making America confident. Sadly, after a long time of being a retired President he died of Alzheimer's on June 6th, 2004. That is the end of a true Renaissance Man’s life, yet his legacy will live on.

Reganomics and how it helped economic growth.

Ronald Regan picture from White House.

The tearing down of Berlin Wall.

Four Fun Facts For A Famous Fortieth Face

  1. Ronald Regan was a lifeguard in high school.
  2. Ronald Regan loves Jelly Beans.
  3. He was almost assassinated by an insane man.
  4. He won a worst career achievement award as an actor.


The end

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