Endgame By Rise Against


2011 | Rock

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“The paranoia gripped us. -- Berate and then consume us. -- The panic set in like a cancer to our hearts spreading through."


  • Endgame hit #2 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on both the Top Rock and Top Hard Rock Charts.
  • Rise Against is a Chicago punk band who started out on Fat Mike's Label Fat Wreck Chords.
  • Rise Against was formed in 1999, by bassist Joe Principe and guitarist Dan Wleklinski who were both members of 88 Fingers Louie.


Luke Tatum

"The kings all failed to tell us; the madmen failed to sell us; On what would then befall the only life we'd know." I'm no stranger to the climate change arguments, and there seems to be an equal outpouring from both sides of articles and research claiming to definitively prove this thing or that. Man is causing the death of the planet! Man is creating a better planet than ever before! There's an island of trash in the ocean! It's their fault, not ours! All kinds of things are hurled back and forth. For my part, I believe that man has a massive effect on the environment, but that the "climate change" scare is just that. Climate change (previously global warming, previously global cooling) has all the earmarks of a political scare tactic. All the research in favor of the claims are funded by governments. Fanatical denial of any outside the "correct" crowd. Repetition of one or two claims fervently, without any "meat" on the argument. I do not think there is any kind of "looming catastrophe," though Nick is correct to point out there are plenty of environmental issues to concern ourselves with. But this concern should yield us dispassionate analysis and market-based solutions. Not carbon taxes or any other authoritarian scheme.

Sherry Voluntary

This bass driven song paints a pretty grim picture of a possible future. Whether referring to a secret plot by nefarious organizations, or just outright mismanagement of natural resources I do not know. While I don’t share the alarmist tendencies of many regarding environmental concerns, I do see a lot of exploitation, and steering away from better and more innovative technologies by the crony system that protects the interest of businesses who are aligned with the politically powerful. That said, the line that really stuck out to me in this song was “He looked at the fields, and then his hands/All I need is what I have.” I am reminded of Rand’s ideal man. A rational, independent man with great self-esteem, a rugged individual who looks to himself to solve his problems. It’s the kind of men and women that an anarchist society would be necessarily based on. It’s the kind of men that the people of this continent used to raise not two generations ago. I think of my own mother and grandmothers. They were, and are women of tremendous ingenuity, skill, and self sufficiency. I have the utmost respect for so many of the things they taught me and that I hope to instill in my own children. When it comes right down to it, rearing independent, self sufficient, resilient, critically thinking children who desire to build lives of meaning, based on principle is one of the greatest forms of activism that anyone will ever do. We send our children into the future with the foundation we have laid for them. Hopefully, that is a belief in radical freedom, and radical self sufficiency upon which a society where people can truly live free.

Nicky P

Believe it or not there are plenty of hardcore environmentally conscious libertarians out there. I have a laundry list of issues that we need to deal with to ensure our survival. My big ones are factory farming, biodiversity, chemical poisoning of our land & water. Now I'm sure you saw a glaring omission in my list. Where was climate change? See climate change while it may or may not be man-made is at worst a long time horizon issue. Our entire agricultural system could be wiped out by one bad virus because we have scaled our food production up to huge scales and scaling works best when variables are limited.

Pollution is of course an issue, the problem is it's biggest perpetrators are all global governments, the US government topping the list last I knew. The worst part about all of the horrible things that are genuine issues are never talked about because the solutions are diversity of thought and approach. Descaling our agribusiness is paramount to increasing resilience. And standing between us and the solutions is green movements who care more about making life equal and fair across the globe than dealing with real issues. This is of course because they are all top down organizations trying to collect power. We also have the cartels that run a revolving door of cronies into the EPA which essentially runs protection against citizen action while simultaneously telling them to not look behind the curtain. They've got it covered. But nobody has your interests in heart but you. Stop giving away your agency for convenience. I could ramble forever about the environment but this isn't the place. Check out my podcast Free Markets Green Earth if you're interested in learning more about environmentalism from a free market ancap perspective.

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Nicky P