Found By Austin Katz

Deep in the Jungle on an "uninhabited island", Never discovered in the middle of the pacific, with special healing properties, non native animals from the northern hemisphere inhabit this island. Along with a peaceful society of people.

Bryson, the village leader, his brothers Pablo, and Rico. Along with the head doctor Geneva, the Advisor Garrett, and several others. They have protected this island for several years.

“Rico, Pablo, Garrett, and Geneva, come quickly” Bryson ordered.On this island you can never age, always brilliant weather, vast supply of foods, and water, they have homes, families, and pets. "Sir, there is a United States boat just in eyesight off the coast, named the Explorer".

"Prepare the defenses! I won't let anyone experiment on this island." Bryson hollered.

They loaded their guns, and hid the children. They trekked towards the shore, they arrived at nightfall and the ship had gotten closer. "Pablo my brother, we will do what we must to protect the island." Bryson ordered. "I understand" Pablo replied and ran back to prep the camp.

All of the island inhabitants were born on the island, their parents were brought there. 35 men 20 women inhabit the island. They trained non stop for their whole childhoods for a situation like this.

The island has special chemical properties that have never been discovered for the non natives. "We were born on this island and let's protect it." Pablo ordered. "Yeah" they all hollered back. Bryson walked in "They are here" They soon heard a flare gun go off indicating their arrival and they hustled to the weapons shed.

The people were outnumbered fifty to one and the army was nearing the temple and the daughter of Bryson had dropped her favorite doll on the ground in the temple and when she retrieved it there was a shake in the ground, the passageway was opened.

The army had arrived and arrived upon a temple that had several engravings on it and as soon has the commander touched it, it moved. Creating a passageway, that was pitch black, with echoes of whispers. They went down the passageway getting picked off one by one, and shortly a general was picked off leaving only a picture of his wife and kids. However the Lieutenant pulled out a revolver and shot into the dark and the lights came on. One of the natives lied there motionless, they were in awe and tossed his body in the lake, which made the lake redder than a tomato.

In awe the lieutenant pulled out a gun and started firing, he was confused and scared. Bryson Hollered “who is your commander?” Mark Andrews stepped out and froze in place. “Leave!” Bryson roared. Pew! Bryson sailed through the air and kicked Mark, causing him to topple over. “I won't let you take the island.” Bryson roared. And he whipped out his gun and fired…

Eventually the government had retreated and the natives destroyed the markings for where the island was, and made them swear never to come back. And took the ship and left, hoping to forget what happened, the people were relieved the threat was gone and retired to their sleeping quarters for the night.

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