Gail's Gorgeous Guide to Asia By: Abby Ahler, and hanna mannS

Come visit the Dead Sea, it borders the Jordan, and people all over the world come to swim in the amazing water of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is so salty that objects can float in it. Sadly, the water level is coming down, but it's so famous marathon runners are raising money for the Dead Sea. Come float in the amazing waters of the Dead Sea.
I also suggest that you should come and see the Bay of Bengal! The bay is 839,00 sq. Miles, it has very beautiful scenery and it's a beautiful bay. The bay is 1,000 miles long. It shallower than most bay's, so I advise you to come and see the Bay of Bengal.
Come see the longest river in China and Asia, and the 3rd longest in the world! It's full of life and around the river it has 6 months of growing season. It's very warm in the summer, but only mildly cold in the winter. Fun fact: Near the end of the river the elevation is 1,000 ft above sea level! Come visit the Yangzi River!
The Yellow River is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see! Come see the country's 2 longest river, it flows through China's oldest cities. At high tide the depth is 8-9 feet deep. Also over time the course of the path changes.
The North China Plain is a sight to see! It's bordered by the Yan Mountains, and the Grand Canal passes threw it. Rivers pass threw 158,000 ft of it, and it grows sesame seeds, ground nuts, tobacco, wheat, cotton, and peanuts. Come visit us!
Come to the Gobi desert where the first fossilized dinosaur egg was ever found. It's also the most expansive region on the Asian continent, and the Helen and the Qilian mountains border it. It's only mildly cold in the winter and is hot in the summer. Come to the Gobi desert!
Go to one of the biggest deserts in the world, it extends over 600 miles, and it also is a non polar sand shifting desert in the world. It's warm in the summer, but it reaches -27 degrees in the winter. Visit the Taklimakan Desert!
The "roof of the world" is 3 miles above sea level, and it contains livestock, lakes, and its associated with the Himalayas, and the Karakoram range. It's 965,000 miles sq. Who wouldn't want to see this beautiful scenery? Come visit the "roof of the world".
My favorite place in Asia is the Himalayas. It's beautiful and it's 29,029 ft above sea level, and it's the worlds widest mountain. It's believed that it's 60 million years old. These high altitudes don't support animal life or plant life except for birch, juniper, blue pines, firs, bamboo, and rhododendron grow there. Also, there are 2 climbing paths ! Come see the Himalayas today!
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Asia has many beautiful scenery like the "roof of the world", Himalayas, Taklimakan Desert, Gobi desert, North China Plain, Yellow river, Yangzi River, Bay of Bengal, and the Dead Sea. Come visit all of these amazing destinations today!

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