Syrian Revelution By; trevor h

Incubation Phase

Minor causes like the lack of government support caused this bloody civil war. This all began with the revolt against the regime of there president. the president continued with his relentless and indiscriminate assault against other cities. Which made his people mad.

Systematic Phase

This is where the bigger problems began, The president continuously assaulted other still, which made his people began to peacefully protest. His people didn't want the war because they knew the consequences that came with the war.

Crisis Phase

In this time the people of Syria was tired of the president and his action and begin to protest. during one of the protest the police shot and killed people. they also captured and tortured 13 boys who were in the protest. One of the boys who was 13 years old was killed and his body was returned to his parents. He had cigarette burns, gun shot wounds, his jaw was broken, his penis was also cut off.

Convalescence Phase

The war is now over. It came to an end when the president realized that an end state needed to happen to preserve their core interest. In other words the president realized he was wrong for the continuous assault he did against the other cities. Even though the war is over with the president still uses the army as his personal ally just incase something else pops off. I'm not really sure how the people of Syria are doing now, but I know and read hat it is much more peaceful in Syria since the war has stopped. Also the people of Syria are wanting a new president.

Created By
Trevor Hardy Jr


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