In the 16th century, an Italian physician Girolamo Francastoro discovered that rabies have a fatal disease.affecting humans and animals. They called it incurable wound. But in 1885 a man named Louis Pasteur a French biologist that created the 1st vaccine.

The web site is Austin community college >microbio

The most familiar side affect of rabies is associated with difficulty swallowing when fluid comes in contact (touches) the throat it is violently expelled at the same time producing painful spasmodic muscular contractions. Is called hydrophobia (fear of water) since it is hard to swallow it's also hard for anyone to eat or take in air causing choking and the start to spit and drool causing foamy saliva it's called foaming at the mouth (or so I've read) the human start to become quiet and goes into a coma which later on mostly followed by death.

I found this info on YouTube at home called [RARE] Rabies in a human.

There is only 2 vaccine for rabies in the united states the names are human diploid cell vaccine and the purified chick embryo cell vaccine the vaccine prevents rabies before or after a animal bite.tratment must begin before symptoms appear. And the man who discovered the vaccine was Louis Pasteur.

Centers for disease control.gov

6,633 rabid animals in 2014 and 1 human case there have been 19 cases since 2014 and there have been 31 cases sence 2003 to 2015 and when you have rabies you normally live a month.

Public veterinarian medicine.org


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