Study Sheets And how to make them

At the end of a unit in your courses, your teacher may evaluate you in a variety of different ways.

This is done to give you an opportunity to show what you have learned in that unit. A great way to help you be ready for an upcoming evaluation is to create a study sheet.

This can take many forms. This sheet should include all of the most important concepts that you have learned in the unit.

Colours, drawings, and how the page is organized is up to you, but it should be clear, exact, and easy to follow.

Now it's your turn!

What to do:

  1. Choose a unit and start making a rough copy of all of the important things you have learned from your notes.
  2. Plan out how to organize all of this information in a way that makes sense.
  3. Create a good copy based off of your planning.


Create 3-5 possible questions that you think could be on the evaluation. Make sure to include a variety of questions

Examples include: Multiple choice, Short answer, and matching.


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