Born in the USA By Evan Navori

The process of choosing a song was difficult; however, I looked up and saw the American flag on the mound. This simple action inspired me to pick a song that represents the American dream. I hand selected the song "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen. After that, I crafted my first draft. However, this creation was short-lived because it was not up to par. I crafted three more designs, and I finally selected a beautiful piece that captures the American dream. This piece involves the American flag as well as an older gentleman holding a bucket of fried chicken. This piece captures the American dream because every American wants to prosper in America. This old man is a symbol of American pride. The industrial sized font symbolizes American manufacturing. On the inside, the smoky brick wall symbolizes the Great Depression where the constant smoke-plagued America. The compact disc shows an American pickup truck that is carrying an American flag. The pickup truck is one of the most popular cars in America, and it represents an aspect of the American dream. This project allowed me to take advantage of photoshop's neat features. I used the pen tool to make an outline of Colonel Sanders. I used the color overlay feature to fill it in with a solid color. After that, I used an American flag and used the tiles filter to add the desired effect. For the inside cover, I used the darken feature to add a tint to the wall. The pickup truck was designed with the pen tool. After I highlighted the desired region of the pickup truck, I selected it and activated a color overlay. The back cover involved rectangles with a reduced opacity. I chose to use vector images for this project because they scaled down and retained their quality.

Created By
Evan Navori


Created with images by Pexels - "adventure american flag desert"

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