Eagles Celebrate Father's Day

"It makes you look at things differently and makes you appreciate things a little bit more. It’s one of the best things that’s happened to me. I’m very happy to have her." - Dennis Kelly

"You get to mold these kids’ lives at such a young age and you literally get them at the ground floor of their development. What you instill in them is going to show them what it’s like to be a man, for me with my boys, and just to grow up with a life full of integrity and character. You’ve got a clean slate with them and you just pour into them. I think that’s the coolest thing. They’re little sponges. They soak everything up."

- Chris Maragos

"You see your son grow up and experience something new every single day. From being born and not saying words to now having full conversations with him is one of those things that throws you off guard. It’s one of those things you don’t really expect. It’s really special because you see how he progresses, see what his likes are and his dislikes and you can see him turning into a person." - Nolan Carroll

"It’s had a huge impact on me. When you have kids, it forces you to be a better man for them. It points out some of your flaws and weaknesses and helps you become a better person."

- Andrew Gardner

"The best part is coming home after a long day of working and seeing my kids running and screaming ‘Daddy’ to come give me hugs." - Trey Burton

Happy Father's Day!

Photos by Brian Garfinkel

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