The Best of What Canada Has to Offer By: Manmeet Atwal

What makes Canada great? Is it the landforms? Or the celebrations? Quite possibly could be the food and people or even just how Canada is a democracy? To me the landforms, celebrations and the people make Canada an even greater place to be.

Canada Day

The largest holiday celebrated in Canada is of course Canada Day. On July first every year Canadians get together and celebrate “the establishment of a Canadian government and the initiation of Canada as a country.” (“Canada Day”). Canada Day is also considered Canada’s birthday. Canada Day usually begins with different ceremonies in the morning and then are followed by parties and other full day celebrations. To end off every July first there are many firework shows at parks and etc. In some parts of Canada people can also buy and set off their own fireworks. The biggest celebrations for Canada day usually take place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, which is Canada’s capital. (“Canada Day”). On Canada Day banks, government offices and most stores are usually closed but police officer, firefighters and other emergency personnel work to help with the holiday festivities and to make sure everything goes along as planned. (“Canada Day”).

Canadians celebrate many holidays in grand way but Canada Day is usually the greatest celebration of the year. On July first every year, Canadians all come together and show how much they truly appreciate this amazing country. This day is celebrated with many different events but if not all, most of them end with magnificent fireworks, lighting the night sky. But why should this be valuable to us? Well, on this day Canadians all across Canada go out to celebrate one thing, their beloved country; that has given them various different opportunities and etc.

St Lawrence Seaway

The St Lawrence Seaway is a system made up of locks, canals and channels which connects the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence River with the Atlantic Ocean. The seaway has a major impact on economical freight rates and makes an important impact on basic industries of Canada and the US.(Kaczkowski, Viktor and Shaw). "The original St Lawrence section of the Seaway cost Canada $330 million and the US $130 million. Canada paid a further $300 million to improve the Welland Canal.".(Kaczkowski, Viktor and Shaw). "An additional $600 million, spent by the two countries for hydroelectric development, has been recovered by electricity sales." .(Kaczkowski, Viktor and Shaw). Canada and The US has spend millions and millions of dollars on this. Coal, iron ore, other mine products, agricultural goods and other bulk cargo are usually transported through the seaway.(Kaczkowski, Viktor and Shaw).

The St Lawrence Seaway should be valued and celebrated because the St Lawrence Seaway provides excellent transportation for various items, also because it took many years to build the St Lawrence Seaway to perfection. The St Lawrence Seaway is also going to be 58 this year, with over 300 years of planning to build The Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway. The St Lawrence Seaway has a lot of history towards it, in 1680 Dollier de Casson began planning to build a 1.5 m. deep canal, which was actually built in 1824.

Cultural Diversity

Canada is a very multicultural place, when you look around you see various people of different backgrounds and religions. Canada has a population of 33.8 million people, out of the 33.8 million people about 43% of people are Roman Catholics, 23% are Protestants, 16% of the population doesn’t believe in religion ("Canadians"). and about 18% of the population believes in different religions that originate from the Middle East and Asia. In Canada 59% of the population can only speak English and 23% can on speak French; English and French are Canada’s official languages. But many other languages are spoken in Canada such as Italian, German Chinese, and Spanish. Also 50 to 60 languages are spoken by many groups of Indigenous people in Canada. ("Canadians").

With Canada being a multicultural place, you're bound to learn or even experience something new from various different people; because Canada is a multicultural place you're open to new languages, foods, traditions and etc. How does this make Canada great though? Well, on a day to day basis you're able to see people of different cultural backgrounds come together to achieve new goals and help create a better future for this country.

In conclusion, the people, the land and the celebrations make Canada an even greater place to be, there are many other things that make Canada a wonderful place to be but, without the land and the people Canada would be nothing ; and of course the cherry on top of all of that is the way Canadians come together to celebrate different holidays in grand ways.

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