My bullied story

In 2nd grade I found some friends,but what I did not relize was they were not good friends. One day they would say I'm not your friend then I was all alone. Then few days later they were my friend again. And they keep on doing that. But then I met Hannah,Rylie,to this day we are still best friends.


In 5th grade I found Emma we were best friends and Carlee was Emma's friend,and Carlee Never talked to me. I felt that I was invisible. But me and Emma we were good friends, I went to her house a few nights it was fun. the middle of the year she sent a note saying I'm not your friend,this was different then in then it was in 2nd grade. After I read that note I sent it to one of my other friends she could not read it so she gave it to Emma. And what I said was "do you know why Emma is not my friend. Then she told everyone why she was mad at me,but she never told me. Then someone finally told me why and she said it was because you aka me sent a letter to one of my friends why she is not my friend. That's why She was mad at me that does not make sense because she said that she was not my friend after I sent the note.

Emma and I we would ride different buses to a other school so we would go on to another bus to go home. But I walk home. So me and my 16 year old sister Sarah,we were walking home and Sarah always was listening to music. And me and Emma passed each other, and she said stupid to me. Then I looked over to Sarah and I said "she just called me stupid"! (I can't remember what Sarah said) So we walked home and it was just me and Sarah home, and when I got home I ran to me room and I cryed. Later Sarah came in and said are you ok. And she hugged me, and said ask me if you need anything.

After that day I sat by my self at lunch,I was with no one at free time. I talked to no one for that whole day. After a while it got worse I started going to the bath room and crying,coming home crying. Then my mom called one of my teachers, I talked to her about it. Then I left then she talked to Emma about it, the teacher never told me what Emma said I think what she should have done was. Take both me and Emma in and talk about it.

And we were never friends after that,their is still more to that story but.

In 6th grade it was better then last year, I found Hannah in one of my classes,and Israel (which is one of my friends I met in 5th) we were all really good friends,and we still are to this day (I'm still in 6th grade) me and Hannah had our ups and down a lot but we are still really good friends.

If your still reading thank you


If someone is bullying you stand up for yourself don't do what I did I hope you people have a good day and a good life. :) :)

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