Top 5 Important Changes that Happened In The Web Addition of Unique Elements

Web Changes

Addition of Unique Elements

Since recent years, the web has seen many changes. Various elements have grown popular more than any other in custom web design. It’s so easy to identify the development year of a website that you can easily tell whether a website was designed in the early 80’s or late 90’s without going much into the details.

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Let’s have a look at some of the ways that shows how the web has changed.

Screen Size Changes

No more people only use their PC or laptop to browse through the internet. Recently, mobiles and tablets are widely used to access the internet. In effect of this reason web pages now have to be designed keeping all screen sizes in mind and site loading time in each of them. Moreover, website owners are now opting for their responsive website design, giving a bit less importance to other aspects. Unsurprisingly, it is happening because of fastly growing numbers of searches performed on mobiles.

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Interaction Without Any Mouse

For the past few years, web pages are being designed to have simple interaction with users and that too in an effective way so that they don’t need to use a mouse for web page navigation. Now when many peoples are using touch screen phones to access the websites, web designers are required to reevaluate the design elements to make sure they do not become useless for visitors not having a mouse.

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Web Pages Optimized for Poor Internet Connection

Thinking that everyone is having a fast internet connection can affect the process of web page loading for which it has been designed. Still, many people in different areas use a very slow 3G connection to visit multiple websites. This is quite important for website owners to design their web pages keeping such groups of users in mind.

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Speed Of Processor Is Not Increasing

Computers continued to get faster for so many years. As the speed of the processor has increased, it was provocative for desktop computers specifically. But the case with mobile devices is something different. Users have different priorities and targets leaving aside the speed of the processor. They choose to have phones with a long battery discharge period and which is budget-friendly.

For that reason, manufacturers don’t think of increasing the speed of the processor since it may affect these highly demanded factors.

The cycle of the web design project starts with the calculation of traffic handling, the number of features to be loaded and design elements to be added that are further converted into actionable HTML while web page developments.

Content is the Center Of Attraction

In the present day, web pages are being created putting more emphasis on the content that will be shown to visitors. Instead of adding several links on the web page to redirect people to other sites, designers focus on ensuring that the content is looking good, informative and readable for visitors.

Different Kinds Of Interactive Solutions

Different Devices Are Made To Solve Different Problems

New Devices are designed for a goal to offer multiple options to users for different forms of interaction. In the touch screen mobile phones or tablets, you have to tap a button to perform a task. However, by having a mouse, you need to click on the icons and the keyboard is to press the enter key to give special commands. All of these devices have been developed with a single motive to provide users different choices for interaction. Even many among them are also designed including features using which a user can perform other tasks also.

Website designers should remain extra careful when they are designing devices and elements used for establishing interaction with them. If through an example has to be described, when a design element is set to display content after clicking by mouse, how it would work for users who are using touch screen devices? Different devices are built with different solutions to allow every visitor to get an excellent user experience.

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