The Nile Going Red Exodus 7: 14-25

The Beginning

Let My People Go!

This is the story of the first plague. It is the plague of the Nile River turning red with blood. It starts with God telling Moses and Aaron to go to the Nile when the Pharaoh is there and tell him this....

"Let My people go, that they may worship Me in the wilderness!"

But Pharaoh's heart was hard, so Moses raised his staff over the Nile and it turned to blood.

Nile turns red with blood

But the Nile wasn't the only body of water effected, the streams, ponds, lakes and even jars of water turned to blood! If you were holding a cup of water, it would have turned to blood too! All the fish and animals died, the river stank, and it was undrinkable.

How This Plague Spiritually Scared Them

The Egyptian god(s) of the Nile

Hapi: Hapi is the god of the Nile. He brings in the tides and fertilizes the soil, and quenches Egypt's thirst.

Because of this plague the Egyptians must have been scared. They must have presented offerings repeatedly asking for him to give their water back. I guess some thought he was dead or angry with them.

The reason why there are two is because the Nile is dispersed as the Upper and Lower Nile River.

The Upper Hapi is adorned by....

Lotus flower
Nile Crocodile

And Lower Hapi is adorned by.....

And the frog

The End?

But that is not the end!

Pharaoh thought that this warning was preposterous! So he called his "wise men", and "magicians", to do the exact same thing.

You know that the waters have already turned to blood, so doing that would double the effect of the plague. Not a smart move.

Well the wise men and the magicians couldn't do it, and pharaoh was mad. First, because was stubborn and second because wise men and magicians were supposed to be blessed by the gods to do wonders and have a deep connection with them.

And this failure made all the people in the palace start questioning their faith, and longing for the truth. God had it all planned out!

Soldiers in the Nile

But Pharoah did not let them go to worship. So the plague lasted for seven days and then the waters went back to their original condition.

But God was not done with Egypt yet. Because Pharaoh hardened his heart, the plague of frogs was soon upon the land.

Frogs coming out of the Nile

What Can We Learn From This

God was using this plague not only to punish the Egyptians but to show the Israelites that He is the true God.

The reason is because the Israelites were slaves for 450 years. So during that time the slaves would have lost hope, or started to do what the Egyptians do. For they have become so use to the Egyptian's ways that they give in to their practices.

The Israelites

We should'nt be like Pharaoh and harden our hearts to the people around us. It doesn't even have to be with warnings! It could be advise, options, or even ideas. We should keep Jesus in our hearts and minds so that we know that God is with us. Let us make sure to take heed to what God is trying to tell you. And that takes prayer and commitment. But God is always there for you no matter what.

Even if it feels like He has left you He hasn't He is always with and protects you right now! So just hear and know that he is God.


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