Golod island very cool

Golod island or for short just golod and this island has three Branch Executive Branch called ford ,Legislative Branch is called sun and Judicial Branch is called canow and all of them have something thing they can not do and some things lowed to do.

Executive Branch: teader is called the ford. The ford can send ships to get loot for their island.The ford can help make laws for the people's safety. The ford cannot make a war. The ford can also not make laws that are to extremer that could hurt people.

Legislative Branch: Golod Island is a unicameral Branch, only one house called The Sun. The sun can make laws for their finances. They can also share the money of large companies. The sun cannot kick people out of Island for no reason.

Judicial Branch: called canow thing can veto laws that are too strict.they will listen tyour case and make adjustment to see if guilty or not. Cannot build things with out permission they also cannot spend tones of money on one thing that itist import to the people.

facts:most of the golod people are not rally nice people because it's so cold their people have to work in the cold weather under 0 deges and every one so sick on the island. The island is just blow Canada but dose get send a lot of money for canada.


Created with images by Mataparda - "Volcán de Fasnia"

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