Why Should we use biofuels? So we can save our planet!

How are we going to save the earth?

Firstly,our world is being destroyed by nonrenewable energy sources,which are energy sources that can run out, for example coal, gas and oils but if people start investing in renewable energy, which are energy sources that do not pollute the earth as much as nonrenewable sources, energy sources such as biofuels, wind turbines, hydro-power,tidal energy and solar panels.

Secondly, the nonrenewable energy sources release green house gases into the atmosphere. An example of a green house gas is Co2 which is carbon dioxide.

Click on the link below to find out how bio-fuels work...

Bio fuels have recently become popular as an alternative to fossil fuels and it only cost 17p per kwh (Kwh is a way to measure energy, pronounced kilo whats) Where as coal cost 20p per kwh. Crops can produce a maximum of 7kwh per person per day.

Bio fuel is 40% efficient unlike coal is 30% efficient. people can also choose from plant and animal waste to get their electricity.Bio fuel is very reliable because plants and animal waste is in constant supply.


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