My Plate Boundary Project by: Ani'jhai

Convergent Plate Boundary

Convergent Plate Boundary;Oceanic-to-Continental.-Moving toward each other.

  • Two plates collides, the denser plate sinks
  • Trenches and Volcanoes

It's happening in Mariana's Trench and Mt. Rainer and It has one type of stress which is called Compression.

  • Mt.Rainier's- Although volcanic cone and the first people to climb Mount Rainier were Hazard Stevens and P.B. Van Trump, who successfully finished the ascent in 1870. The first lady to reach the summit was Fay Fuller, in 1890. Mount Rainier is one of the 16 Decade Volcanoes. The most recent recorded volcanic eruption was between 1820 and 1854, but many eyewitnesses reported eruptive activity in 1858, 1870, 1879, 1882 and 1894 as well.

Mariana's Trench- Because of the high acidity and temperature extremes at Mariana Trench the environment is considered to be almost toxic.

Divergent Plate Boundary

Divergent Plate Boundary;Oceanic-to-Oceanic-Moving Apart.

  • Two plates seprate
  • Creates new Oceanic crust
  • The Seafloor-Spreading

It's happening in East Pacific Rise and Mid-Ocean Ridge and has on type of stress which is called Tension

The surface of the East Pacific Rise,Vancouver Island and runs south to a point that was even with northern California where San Andreas Fault begins. The Pacific Plate on the left moves northwest from the ridge and the Explorer Plate moves east, under the edge of the North American plate near the coast.

The earthquake was felt as far as parts of Botswana and Durban, it lasted for around 90 sec.

Transform Plate Boundary

Transform Plate Boundary- Sliding past each other Hayward Fault

Denali Fault-Cali

San Andreas Fault-Cali

Central African Shear Zone

At transform boundaries lithosphere is neither created nor destroyed. Many transform boundaries are found on the sea floor, where they connect segments of diverging mid-ocean ridges. California's San Andreas fault is a transform boundary.

Created By
Ani' Jhai Kane


Created with images by Darkside_sithlord [Marlon Garcia] - "® Mayon Volcano" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Iceland" • tonynetone - "World's Most Famous Fault"

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