What is good food? Good food is healthy food.

Good Food is home grown and healthy food. Where i know if there are any pesticides on it. And where it is grown.
Healthy food is eating your vegetables. At my house we eat vegetables with every meal.
We like to get our meat from a butcher. It is healthier and we know where it came from.
I like to know where my food comes from. We grow alot of our own vegetables and some fruits.They taste way better then store bought where we dont know where it came from.
I like to eat all natural foods. They taste better and you feel good eating them.
Evey once in a while we eat out or get fast food when we dont have time to cook but its very rare that we do.
My mom likes to cook. I think that anything my mom makes classifies as good cooking. She always has vegetables and makes sure the food is healthy food.
My mom loves to bake so we always have cookies, cake or brownies all the time. She is a really good baker.
I think that good food is anything that you think is good. If it tastes good to you its good food.
I like to have fruit with my breakfast. They taste good and add something healthy to something that might not be so healthy.


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