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The Democratic Republic of the Congo has had bad things happen to it but they also have many good things happening too. One good thing is their location. Even their geographic theme of location, which means, A place or position measured by absolute and relative location. Their relative location is around, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Central African Republic. The absolute location of the country is 4.0383 south, 21.7587 east.

This shows the countries relative location. And what continent it's on.

Some more about the Democratic Republic of Congo is what countries border it like, Angola, Zambia, Tamzania, South Sudan and a couple more places as well.

This picture shows where in the continent the Democratic Republic of Congo is located so you can see that it's surrounded by other countries.
Sun is rising in this picture of the capital.
Pretty view from top of building in the capital.

The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kinshasa and the absolute location is 4.4419 south and 15.2663 east. Most of this reasoning is because it's in the center of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo's continent.

January 2011 picture of Kinshasa.

They have lots to do here, they have gardens, art shows, old churches, zoos, parks, museums and other fun things to do and see here.

The video above talks about the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital.

How people go from place to place.

The video above explains how the people travel. And how much they make.

They have many interesting landforms like their rainforests and river basins.

How many days they rain/ snow and how many days.
Here's a line graph showing all different climates.

As an example the Congo rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world. And their river basin is 2,733 miles (4,398 km long). And navigating at 900 miles (1,448 km long), and because of these landforms the climate differs as well, it goes from hot and humid near the rainforests. And cool and dry in the southern highlands.

Months and how much rain there is.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has many surrounding bodies of water including the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Mwero, and Lake kivu, etc.

The geographic theme of place is, Location, Movement, Human environment interaction, Movement and Region.

The five most used natural resources are copper, gold, diamonds, cobalt, and uranium.

Top left-uranium. top right- gold. Bottom left-cobalt Middle right- diamond. Bottom right- copper

The top five culture groups in my country are Linda, Luba, Kuba, Kongo, and Mongo.

This is a mask from the Kongo group.
A figure from the Luba group.
A mask from the Kuba culture group.

They have 3 main religions, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Kimbanguist.

Roman Catholic church where 50% of the people go to.
Protestant church where 30% of the people go to.
Kimbanguist church where 20% of the people go to.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has 20 big holidays but here are 3 of them that we as Americans don't know about and don't celebrate.

This is a picture of the people celebrating martyrs of Independence Day, January 4th
Children celebrating Education Day, April 30th

Some important holidays to these people are... New Year's Day- January 1st, Anniversary of president Laurent Kabila's assassination- January 16th and many more.

The video above is showing what some DRC soldiers are doing during Christmas time.

A lot of African people gathered to celebrate.

This country also has a very different government than we do. Some facts about there government are, they are governed under the 2006 amended. Their president is the head of state selected by popularity to run two 5 year terms. And they have a bicameral legislature.

Geographic theme of human environment Interaction is the way people change their environment and how the environment changes them.

Peanuts from Africa.
Groundnuts from Africa.

They have many crops grown in this country. Including the top 3 crops which are groundnuts, peanuts, and rice.

Rice from Africa.
One of the important jobs in Africa.

They had many jobs here including the top 3 jobs which are, technologist, safety professional and chefs.

Democratic Republic of Congo's security team.
They are done serving for Africa.

Africa has many endangered species one of the most recent is wild African dogs. They are endangered because they are hurting people so they are being put to sleep or killed.

Wild dog that I just talked about.
Both black and white rhinoceroses are endangered.
African Forest elephants are endangered.

The biggest environmental problem is deforestation and they aren't trying to fix it because it's making homes for people.

Geographic theme of region is location, place, human environmental, movement, and region.

One of the schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The education here is in small rooms and has lots of kids.

Democratic Republic of Congo school with most boys.
High school in The Democratic Republic of Congo

They have a population of 67.51 million (2013). With the square miles of 905.400 miles squared. And the per capita is 484.21 (2013).

The life expectancy is 49.62 years for both. And the literacy rate is 78.1%. They are in the, 1/2 hot and humid and 1/2 cold and dry.

The geographic theme of movement is location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.

This shows one old trade route.

Some items that are exported are rice, peanuts and gold. And some that are imported are water and health supplies.

This is trade in one continent with non-items but with religions.
Some supplies that are imported.
Some food made by what is imported.

This countries flag is light blue, with a red band op to left bottom with yellow around both sides with a yellow star in the left top corner.

Their flag as of 2006.

The Democratic Republic of Congo gained their independence on June 30, 1960.

The technology in this country isn't nearly as advanced as ours. They don't have phones they have little wooden bikes.

Technology as of 2008.
They have basic AC and heat.
They got computers a couple years ago.
How some of the people pay for things.

They transport from place to place in the following things...

Up to 20 people in each.
Holds one person.
Holds 50 people.

Most speak French.

One newsworthy event happening right now in the country is multiple people have been kidnapped my a armed militia and it happened March 1st, 2017.

Car that took the people with the militia.

The next newsworthy event is uniformed individuals firing on innocent civilians and they kill more than 20 people.

My country has many fun things to do here. The top three are to hike up Mount Nyiragongo. Go to Lola ya bonobo. And go to Virunga National Park, according to TripAdvisor.

This is mount nyiragongo.
Another picture of mount nyiragongo.
Lola ya bonobo entrance.
One of the nurses at this park.

Now if you were a teenager in my country you would go to school. Very long days. Some older teens have jobs, and they play games with their family and friends for fun. They don't have a lot of choices of music. And they mostly wear their school clothes or uniform with are mostly blue with tan shorts.

Here are some teens that are underaged drinkers.
This picture is of their first day of high school.
Picture of a camp for teen alcoholics.
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