Exercise Time Self Designed 1

For my self-designed exhibit, I wanted to research a topic that not only interested me and I believed I could write a lot about, but also that would help me achieve my goal in an organized way. I decided that if my exhibit required me to track my energy levels and workout routine, then I would pay more attention to making sure I did those things as often as my experiment required. In general, I noticed a lack of energy on school days where I slept a lot during the day. While at first I thought that this may be because I slept a lot because I was tired, but after spending time thinking about this, I realized that the more productive I was and kept myself moving, including working out / doing yoga, the better I felt and more energy I had, as opposed to lying in bed all day dead to the world. I also noticed that days where I worked out and did yoga I felt a lot better, even if I had woken up really early already to work out. My experiment was not able to be fully completed as planned due to the fact that I got sick after break and could not attend Air Force PT, in addition to feeling really gross and tired a lot. I decided to extend my experiment by a week, but my doctor still told me to refrain from going to air force PT in the mornings, so I will only be tracking tiredness and personal workout time in my last week, and most likely not including this data in my final graphs. One example of good experimental results is occurring today, as I am experiencing increased energy after getting in consistently good workouts, even though I have been getting almost no sleep. This experiment did help me to achieve my goals of a gym routine and exercise schedule, however I will not be able to test my results accurately enough, being that I got sick and was out of commission for two weeks before my Air Force PT test, which Is what I was planning on training to improve at. Nevertheless, I did learn that making a schedule and a plan is important, and that yoga is really great.

Ok so the x axis shows which day I was at in my experiment. The y-axis shows how many hours I logged doing each of the tasks. The grey energy bar is a scale of 1-3 which was difficult for me to try to factor easily into a graph, but represents a feeling instead of the hours shown by the other two color blocks.


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