Viola Desmond Museum of CAring

This is my title for museum of caring. I did Viola Desmond!

Viola desmond was in New Glasgow when she got kicked out of the movie theater just because of the colour of her skin. She wanted to see a movie while her car was getting fixed becuase it broke down. She asked for a ticket on the floor but the lady selling the tickets said we can't sell you those tickets because the floor is only reserved for whites and the balcony was reserved for blacks. Viola got really mad but she bought the ticket for the balcony and still sat on the floor. The security saw her and called the police. When the police got there they dragged her out. Viola lost her shoe and really hurt her ankle. She was put in prison for one night because they said she didn't pay the movie theater tax but it was really about colour. She fought after jail and that is why blacks can sit where they want she made life better for everyone.

Viola Desmond was born in 1914 and passed away in 1965. in 1946 Viola fought for racial segregation.
All these words mean something like New Glasgow is where her problrm started Rosland theater is the theater she was at while watching the movie.
This is what Viola desmond looks like. She was very barve to fight for blacks in 1946.

This is the heritage minute. The heritage minute is when the video explaines the problem very well in one minute.

That was the heritage minute I hope you learned a lot!

This is the vidoe that I made to show what Viola Desmond to the world ( the heritage minute is in the video againe )

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