Dreams By Balkiart

"A farm house with 10 acres, we will have 1 cow, 1 pig a few chicken and rabbits.

Lennie and George's dream was to get enough money so they could settle down by buying a small farm house with animals, so no one would bother them or tell them what to do

"No I don't want to go, sure I don't want go, I'm sure.

She obviously dreams about traveling and going to the fight, but can't because her husband, wouldn't let her because of her gender.

" I want to go to go back to my people, they will accept me and appreciate me"

Tulercito dreams to go back to his "people or to live in a world where he is appreciated, or accepted because he looked or acted different.

My real life connection is when I was 11 I saw Ken Block on YouTube, a rally driver, ever since that day it had been my day to meet him, it was the only thing I wanted for 2 years and on January 11 2013 he held a meet and I got to take a picture with him.


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