Introducing the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Towles
Love as beautiful as the sea, everlasting, creating currents of happiness and joy. We have grown to know each other, love each other, and understand that what we have together is impactful and genuine.


Taylor was born in Danbury, Connecticut, and moved to the suburbs of Austin, Texas with her mom and sisters when she was 11 years old. After high school, she attended Texas Tech University, then moved to Dallas in 2011 to begin her professional career.

Byron grew up in between Mustang and Yukon, Oklahoma. He attended the University of Oklahoma after high school, then spent a few years working in Oklahoma City before relocating to Dallas in 2014.


One evening at a pool party in Dallas in 2015, Byron and Taylor managed to meet each other over a rousing game of beer pong. Byron was obviously enchanted by the personality and boisterous giggle of Taylor and was certain that he needed to find a way to garner more of her attention.

After many social interactions amongst friends, Byron was finally able to ask Taylor on a date. He decided that a cheeseboard at Goodfriend would be the best bet, she accepted, and they relished a delightful dinner together, filled with much conversation. Afterwards, they drove to White Rock Lake and sat on the dock, continuing to enjoy each other's company. This is when you could say that the rest is history!


On a hot and humid evening in Sarasota, Florida, Byron took the borrowed ring (which belonged to Taylor's grandmother) that he secretly snuck on the trip and placed it in his pocket as the family got ready to go to dinner at Dry Dock Waterfront Grill. Once at the restaurant, his heart fluttered and nervousness increased as he awaited the correct moment to ask the question. Overall, the plan wasn't the BEST planned, but it was effective, because the sunset that evening was immaculate, and it was at that moment he decided to have Taylor join him to "take some photos" with it. Taylor's sister Jenna tagged along to get pictures, thank goodness, because Byron didn't plan the documentation of the event. They all walked down to the dock, Byron got down on one knee and asked for Taylor's hand, still just as nervous as before.

Luckily, Taylor said yes! **applause**

The rest of the trip went swimmingly and was enjoyed by the whole family. Everyone got a sunburn, or tan, or both, so it was successful. At the conclusion of the trip, Byron discovered a location called the Towles Court Arts District, in downtown Sarasota. An impromptu visit was made, and memories created at the quaint artist colony.

More will be added shortly, but we want to keep the wedding info in tact, so here it is!


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