Indian Springs 2nd Grade Field Trip June 5th 2018

Our annual field trip to Indian Springs metropark in White Lake, MI is always a fun time; this year was no exception. The day started off with a chilly breeze. Even I had wished for a second that I had worn jeans for the occasion. During our hike, we joked that although there was a chill in the air, we knew the kids would still have no problem finding their way into the spray and play area! And we were right!

Along our hike, we reviewed all that we had learned about insects from September. Good news: they still remember the important parts that make an insect unique from other bugs! Head, thorax, abdomen, antennae, compound eyes, and sometimes wings! Our guide used Leah as a model (she volunteered - responsibility unknown), as he turned her into a larger than life insect! Isn't she cute!? After that we went on a little hunt to see what was living in the wildness of Indian Springs!

After our insect hunt, we headed over to the pond! Our guide taught us how to use bug characteristics to identify the species and let us explore! Check out some fo the cool things we found living in the pond! We got a chance to explore the incredible body of water not only from above ground...but also from below. With the glass dome underground, we were able to look above and see fish swimming and look at all the plant and animal life that exists in the underwater ecosystem.

A short hike felt a lot longer as the kiddos tummies growled louder than the chirping birds. On this part of our walk, we learned about how the park burns the grass and trees every so often to provide nutrients to the soil. This is a safe and well managed process. We saw some HUGE ant hills along the way!

And finally...the moment these 2nd graders had all been waiting for! The real reason they came...PLAYTIME! After a healthy, waste-free lunch, the kids had an opportunity to explore the play area. This consisted of a few playground areas, a giant maze, and the spray and play area.

Thanks again to all the parent volunteers who kept a close eye on each of the kids and got them to the park and home safely. This day is possible thanks to the support of parents! Enjoy the photos!!

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Eric Andary

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