Oman Trip 2015

in April,2015 me and my freinds decided to go for trip. we chose Oman becouse it not too far from us and we have been there before so we know many thing about the place.

while we are leaving UAE going to Oman bordars

we drove for four hours then we stop in Nizwa vellage, we slept in small hotel and the next day we go for a trip in it.

by Yaarub Alyaarubi: my friends are exploring the shops in Nizwa

We went into many shops and found old art around in shops. Traditional stuff like vases and paintings were all around the place and it is like I am in a museum.

we were walking in between the valleys ( Wadi Shab )

we found many wild animals and wildlife speculations like waterfalls and swamps. We later on went to swim and I enjoyed my time with my friends exploring the place.

The Lake in Wadi Shab

We swam in the lake that was created from a lot of rain and it was amazing. The water was very deep surprisingly every time we try to dive to reach the bottom we couldn't. The lake was in between two mountains.

the beach in Ras Al Had

we camped on the beach in Ras Al Had and the breeze was very nice. We told each other stories as we camped and smoked shisha, then we slept.

going back home from Oman

In the end, we enjoyed our trip together as friends. I found it a very nice experience and a good way to release stress. As we were driving back we were laughing about what we did in Oman and how amazing it is. We would recommend others to go to Oman if they want to go on a trip in the vacation, because it is a very beautiful place.

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