Reform movements By: jeremy Teibowei pd.5

The second great aWakening - it was one of the foundations of reform. It was to revive religion, feeling, and belief in the 1820s and 1830s.
AboItionists- the abolItionist movemrent bEgan in thE revelutionary era, the abolItionists were ouT to Destroy slavery.
Women's rights movement- women were outraged by the inequality betweeN men & women. Women only Had a few rights. The women demaded rights until the New York passed laws anD got women more rights.
Prison Reform- Dorothea dix lead the the prIson reform movement Because of THe
Public education- few children couldN't go to school bEcause of cost. So horace mann decided to make a public education movement. And thanks to him he became known as thE,"Father oF american public schools".
Temperance movement- alcohol abUse was common amOng men, womaN, and even some children. In The late 1820's the temperance movement was born. IT helped stop alcohol abuse and child labor laws too. Thanks to that we have the no drinking and driving law.

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