Fit Tea proposal by leon orange

I appreciate the creativity that you are giving me to create content for your brand. Below are a few ideas for content.


Whether its at the office, home or the gym my goal for a "Normalization" shoot would be to show that you can use "Fit Tea" in any environment and to tell a visual story in how that would look!

Female Fitness Images

Women love taking pictures! My goal is to bring ladies in each week and whether it is in-studio or on location take images of women with nice bodies while promoting the brand. People love free photoshoots and this will give us an opportunity to create content that is sexy and fun!

Male Fitness Images

Same concept as the female fitness shoot. I would like to create content with males fitness professionals to offer balanced content and give women something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye for marketing material.

Inspirational Quotes

Using high res stock images I would like to create designs that are inspirational and can be tied to the brand.

Informative Quotes

There are so many health benefits for Tea that people don't know. I believe creative text based images like the one you see here would be informative and helpful to followers.

Filming Fitness Videos

Produce videos on different ways to drink Fit Tea!

There are just a few ideas that I have in the content I will create for Fit Tea. I am very self- sufficient and self-motivated. I would create an agenda for myself check off the things that I look to complete on a week to week basis.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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leon orange


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