Social Status / Class / Traditions Alexis Castillo

The Victorian Upper Class mainly consisted of the King and the Queen, Aristocrats, Nobles, Dukes, Viscounts and other wealthy families working in the Victorian courts. It was common for them to attend many social events all throughout the year, such as Horse races. Upper class people were also able to enjoy other outings that were traditional in the class such as “holiday”, where they would leave the town and go to the open land or beach to have fresh air. The woman also enjoyed tea in the afternoons.

The middle class lived privileged life styles, but were not related to royalty. They were given similar benefits and also participated in afternoon tea. The middle class members were also able to accompany the upper class for holiday. A few weeks in the summer they would get time away and the ability to breathe in the nice fresh air.

The working-class had a lot of misfortunes due to their lack of being able to provide for their families. With their lack of wealth many of the children didn't survive. They had a mid-day meal that was the main meal of the day. Later in the era some were able to take a train to have a mini holiday and visit the beach, getting to breathe in the fresh air.


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