Orangutan By Taka Kiuchi

The Appearance-The orangutans scientific name is pongo. Its diet is omnivore. Usually orangutans are about 73-18o lbs. and standing height is about 4-5 feet. The orangutans hands are big and very hairy and is a primate.

This where they would most likely live.

Where They live- They are found in the southeast asian islands of Boneo and Sumatra. Where they we located were dominated mostly by trees. In Boneo and Sumatra there were also mountain ranges.

This is a picture of cut up wood to show deforestation

What Impacts the orangutans- The main reason the orangutans are endangered are from deforestation. Scientists say that in 2 decades the orangutan species will be wiped out. This is happening from small independent farmers. Also from people cutting down trees. Also another reason orangutans are endangered are from poachers. The poachers kill the Orangutans mothers.

How This impacts there lifestyle- This impacts there lifestyle from the orangutans habitats getting torn down and no place to go. Also another impact is that deforestation is affecting the climate change.

What are we doing to stop this- The police are making a big role and reducing the deforestation rates. Also the U.S are using the Lacey act to close markets sourcing illegal wood.

Conclusion- Orangutans are endangered and some places they don't care but the U.S is trying to help that in many ways to help the orangutans and the earth.


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