Olivia Harvey CAS Highlights

Harvey graduated from Eastern Michigan University as Summa Cum Laude and with Departmental Honors and was the recipient of the Francis R. Warren Scholarship and Richard Albrecht Memorial Scholarship. While attending EMU as a psychology major, Harvey earned Departmental Honors by completing an undergraduate thesis which focused on early intensive behavioral intervention or EIBI and how to effectively train behavioral technicians to implement EIBI well. Her exceptional work allowed them to present at various conferences ranging from local to national. Harvey is also the recipient of the Robert Anderson Award, which is awarded annually to a junior or senior undergraduate Psychology Major who has demonstrated outstanding performance in Psychology.

Harvey will be continuing their educational career at West Virginia University as they pursue a PhD in behavior analysis. As for her time at EMU, Harvey enjoyed her time as a behavioral technician working with young children, and has some advice for current and incoming students, “I was very fortunate at Eastern to have my mentor Dr. Adam Briggs and my lab mates from the behavioral analysis research lab who continuously supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired me for every step I made at EMU. I would recommend students find that kind of support system because it made all the difference in my experience at EMU. Those people will be my friends for the rest of my life.”