YHS ART York Public Schools

Acrylic Canvas Painting by Martin
Acrylic Paintings; Blue Daisy Close up by Lauren, Blue Daisy by Bailey, Blue Flower by Emily, Yellow-Orange Flower by Ashton, Charcoal drawing by Emma
Drawings by Martin
Art Display outside of the art room at YHS
Acrylic Paintings ; Close Inspection of Dandelion by Cara, Owl by Martin,Violet and Yellow-Orange Flower by Kaliegh, Green Leaf with Water Drops by Olivia, Red Petal Flower by Callie, Blue-Violet Flower by Raul, Yellow - Orange Flower by Martin, Pink Flower with water drops by Cara, Pink and Red Orchid by Furious, Yellow sunflower by Olivia, Colorful Eye by Cara
Pink Flower by Keegan
Clay Pottery by Faith


Created with images by Anna Kolosyuk - "untitled image"

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