Canbury School Newsletter April 27th 2018. issue 123

Dear Parents and Visitors

We started this term, after what seemed a very long Easter break, to the wonderful news that Caitlin in Year 10 performed brilliantly in the European DS Open Competition held in Southampton last weekend. Caitlin won a Gold Medal in 25m breaststroke and a Silver medal in 50m breaststroke. She also won two Bronze medals in heats for backstroke and butterfly. The final cherry on the cake for Caitlin was that it was her birthday weekend too! So much to celebrate!

Caitlin is now in full preparation for the World DS Championships which are being held in Canada this July. We are so very proud of Caitlin and of Ms Elena who supports her so wonderfully.

Look at all those medals!

It has been lovely seeing everyone back in school. I am sure some of the boys have grown a foot over the holidays! We have a busy term ahead with examinations, Yr 6 into Yr 7 'Getting ready for Canbury morning', trips, Leavers' Evening, conferences, sports day, sponsored walk, Art exhibition, DoFE expeditions, school production, Year 10 work experience, end of year garden party and Prize Giving. I honestly don't know how we fit it all in!

Good luck to all our Bronze and Silver DoFE candidates who are off yet again this weekend, with our marvellous staff, for even more practice work.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

In Canbury School there is always someone around to help me. For example, on my first day, Miss Knivett showed me the way to our form room. In this piece of writing, I am meaning to thank the people (especially Margaux!) who helped me on my first ever day. I am SO grateful to you. I am also especially grateful to Ms Clancy, for letting me come to Canbury.

Even though year six was hard, Canbury School has helped me realise what I can do. For example, I had never ever done kayaking before and now I can! I felt enormously proud of myself afterwards. I have also never tried graphics before either, but it turned out to be really fun!

Canbury School makes me feel not different to everyone anymore. This makes it easier to make friends and feel more like myself. Canbury School means everything to me because it makes me feel very much cared for and looked after. The awards make me feel I can achieve almost anything at school.

Alannah, Yr 7.

Students of the week

Year 7

Ottilie and Shaaiyon for taking on board feedback so well when they redrafted their Spanish writing tests. ¡Buen trabajo!

Ottilie for an amazing performance on ixl.com over the Easter break. Well done Ottilie for the most time put in and the most questions completed.

Alannah also put in a lot of work over the Easter Break on ixl.com. Well done Alannah.

Year 8

Alexander W and Oskar for doing some work on ixl.com over the Easter break.

Victor and Armani for giving excellent answers all lesson on Wednesday.


Year 9

Matthew W and Alexander B for doing some work over the Easter break on ixl.com

Year 10

Our Travel & Tourism students worked diligently on past exam papers this week. James C deserves a special mention here, and showed that he is a star student. His hard work has earned him three house points.

Year 11

Christopher for great effort on ixl.com over the Easter break.

Christopher, Lottie and Armiya for their consistently hard work in English, resulting in recent exam success.

Business students Alex, Luqmaan, Max, Miles, Mohammed and Omid wrote up their controlled assessment this week. With sleeves rolled up, they worked for three hours (with a break!) typing up the results of their research. The assessment counts as 25% of their final mark. Well done ladies and gentlemen - excellent work.


Due to the outstanding effort by a number of students over the Easter break we have topped 85,000 questions. Well done, this is simply amazing.


It was all going on in the Canbury Science Laboratory this week for Year 10. They were either extracting copper and lead from ore (as demonstrated by Dean, Ijaaz, Eugenia and Jasmina), or learning about wave propagation ( that's Luca in the bottom picture) . They used the ripple tank to measure the wavelength of waves in water, and were thus able to calculate the frequency and the speed of waves, using the wave equation (Velocity = frequency x wavelength ). Don't say we didn't tell you.


Viva Espana!

A huge well done to Year 11 Spanish students who had their GCSE speaking exam on Thursday. Each student had to talk for up to 12 minutes about all sorts of topics - from global issues to future plans and so much more. They have been working so hard in preparation for this and should be extremely proud of the progress they have made. They have definitely set the bar high for the year 10 students…!


There are a few spaces left in the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Club on Fridays after school if any students would like to sign up. If your child would like to join the club this term please inform the school office.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The all-important Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions are fast approaching. But ahead of the real thing, our students, led by Miss Peters, have put in months of preparation. The first practice expeditions for both the Bronze and Silver groups went very well indeed.

Map reading the proper way.....not a mobile phone in sight.

Both the bronze and silver groups started the day with team building activities. The bronze group tried out the crate stack, working together to build a stack of crates whilst two members of the team stood on top. The bronze group also tackled the trapeze on the high hopes course. Some of the group appeared fearless whilst others found the challenge more unnerving. The silver participants worked together to create a maze of sticks. They then had to guide a blindfolded member of their team to the emergency rations, in order to win the prize. The group managed to retrieve two of the three emergency ration packs and Miss Peters enjoyed the Cadbury mini eggs that they were not successful in getting. After that they tied themselves up in infinite loops which was great fun for the observer!

As well as team building activities participants received training on the use of trangia stoves. The silver group each had to cook a given dish and then the teams tasted them and judged them. Uncle Ben's chinese rice was judged quick to cook and packaged well, but tasting bland. The pasta and carbonara sauce went down well but the group would prefer a tomato based sauce. The Mug Shot was pronounced full of flavour but not enough to sustain their BIG appetites. The bronze team all took turns building the stoves and lighting them in preparation for using them to finally cook a meal.

In typically murky weather, our Duke of Edinburgh adventurers got on with the job.

Whilst the silver group planned their walking route the bronze group learnt some first aid. The long day ended with a walk that the participants had to navigate using map reading skills. They were shown how to use their map and relate it to the landscape as well as some simple compass skills. This bit will need some practice so that they don't get lost!

Thank you so much parents for your positive feedback, some of which Miss Peters wanted to share:

"Alexander came back really excited despite his sore feet yesterday, having had a great day. Thank you so much for that!"

"Thank you for a fantastic training day yesterday. Caitlin really enjoyed it, gained confidence and will be looking forward to the next practice expedition with enthusiasm."



Photography and Art

Mrs Rich would like to remind the Year 11 photographers that they have their ten hour exam all day Tuesday and in the morning on Wednesday. Students need to have completed all their exam preparation work before the 10 hours begins and they must have prepared a step by step plan (this may have been started in the lesson time).

If you or your child has any questions, Mrs Rich says please get in touch with her, before next Tuesday.

Outside of school events

Send provision:

We have received notification from the South Thames Colleges Group about 14-16 SEND provision at their colleges beginning from September 2918. The four colleges are: Kingston, Carshalton, Merton and South Thames.

Please do not hesitate to contact Steve Dixon, Head of Supported learning: Steve.dixon@ksep.ac.uk or 07973 949702 for more details.

Football trials:

If we have any boys hankering for life as a premier footballer, read on. FA qualified football coach Silvano Rispoli is on the look out for potential recruits. He is looking for additional players born between September 2005 and August 2006 (starting year 8 in September 2018) for the new 11 aside football season.

Mr Rispoli manages two youth teams - Hearts of Teddlothian and the Metropolitan Police Youth FC. Teddlothian play on Saturdays in the East Berkshire League, with home games and training in Hampton. The Met team play Sundays in the Surrey Youth League, with home games at Imber Court in East Molesey and training in New Malden and Tolworth.

Any parents who might like an invitation to one of the training sessions should contact Mr Rispoli, by calling him on 07904589617 or emailing to silvanorispoli@yahoo.com

Meet the member of staff.......

.....in a section where we meet a familiar face who tells us a little bit more about themselves. This week, it's the turn of Science teacher Mrs Johnson.

Pretty in pink: Mrs Johnson

Cup of tea or something stronger?

One of my first tasks when I get to work is to make a cup of tea, and definitely nothing stronger at 7am!

Give us a top time-saving tip

Only work on tasks that are actually important, and before they become urgent.

What do you wish you could have told your 16 year old self?

Embrace all opportunities while they are at your fingertips (and when someone else is paying)

Did you always want to be a science teacher?

I worked “in industry” for nine years as a chemical engineer, so teaching is a second career for me.

Chemistry, Physics, Biology - which is your favourite?

Although I am not teaching it at the moment, Physics is my subject. As a chemical engineer, I have always had Physics and Chemistry as main subjects. However, I have been teaching Biology for a long time now, so consider myself an all-rounder.

Dream holiday destination?

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but never an option with five children. I am looking forward to my holiday this year - a couple of weeks in Edinburgh, my home town.

One thing you would change about Canbury

I really can’t think of anything within my powers, but I would love Canbury to be a bit bigger in space, which would mean we could really make a difference to younger students and their families (ie years 5 and 6).

One thing you absolutely love about Canbury

Only one thing? I love the people I work with, and the students.

Worst job ever

Working in a pub when I was a student, when customers were allowed to smoke indoors.

What is your most treasured possession?

I should really say my Bible, but honestly, it’s my iPhone.

What keeps you awake at night?

An elderly dog and a husband who snores.

And this question from Matthew A - What five words would you use to describe you and your job?

Cheerful, self-deprecating, strategic, prepared, interested.



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