Phone Photography So far

This page shows what I have done so far in my mobile phone photography class at SIU.

The following photos are a part of what is called the 52 Week Challenge. Each week, the artist is given a prompt of what photo to make. There are three categories for each prompt; story, technical, and artistic.

52 Week Challenge- Week One: Tell a Story Using Rule of Thirds (Story)
52 Week Challenge- Week Two: Straight Out of Camera (Technical)
52 Week Challenge- Week Three: Landscape (Artistic)
52 Week Challenge- Week Four: Mirror (Story)
52 Week Challenge- Week Five: 10 Shots using Hipstamatic (Technical)

The Next Three Lists are all made up of my 10 ideas for different topics.

10 FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) events

1. #leointerviewsiu- Email Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. #oscarsseatlivestream- a first person livestream FOMO event from a seat at the Oscars. Get a person at the Oscars to wear snapchat spectacles.

3. #foamswordfightabovefoampit- Order an inflatable foam pit.

4. #bombfire- throwing bombs at an old abandoned building and then roasting marshmallows from the building flames. Find an abandoned building far from town.

5. #jump- Person jumps off a very tall building into a pool. Find a tall building and deep pool.

6. #slaps- an overly intense game of slaps with popcorn people, treated like a sports event. Find a very competitive crowd.

7. #chrisbrownvssouljiaboy- Gain access to fight event

8. #carjumpsgrandcanyon- Get a fast car

9. #firstpersonconcert- Contact Tyler Joseph

10. #firstpersonboxing- find boxer willing to wear camera

10 Ideas and First Steps (mostly inventions)

1. A wrist band that projects a phone like interface up into your hand or onto your wrist. First Step: Figure out small scale projection.

2. Catapult Drone. For anything you want. First Step: Get a drone.

3. A bed that throws you out when your alarm goes off. First Step: Figure out medical liabilities.

4. A device that you put on and fills your head with knowledge with no effort. First Step: Decide if device is ethical or not even though it was highly desired by me in middle school.

5. A video self-portrait. First Step: Just make it, I got the skill. I kinda already did.

6. Interstates that are just moving tracks so everyone goes the same speed and there are no wrecks. First Step: Figure out money to get a team of scientists.

7. A device that somehow pushes your body away from the earth at 9 m/s so you are almost weightless but not completely. First Step: Figure out if a suit can always blow air that hard at the ground or find new strange material.

8. Paper that you can just think to write on. First Step: Study one of the mind reading devices used in games to move objects.

9. & 10. Finger mice with holographic screens. Multiple tracking points so you can make advanced movements when selecting things on the computer without touching a screen and getting finger prints on it. It would also be more sensitive than a touch screen and allow the user to do multiple things at once like type with one hand while experimenting with fonts with the other hand. First Step: Learn about holographic systems and check out VR sensors.

10 Instances Where Going First Would be Life Affirming

1) Introducing myself to neighbors. Form a bond with them right off the bat.

2) Jumping out of the plane first in a sky diving group. It would give me a certain fearlessness.

3) Saying hi to that girl. Who knows?

4) Auditioning first for a role. They say judges and casting managers are most likely to remember the first and last auditions.

5) Offer to help someone out before being asked. You never know how that can affect someone.

6) Being the first to not take the (secretly poisonous) drink at a cult meeting. I would be the first one to live through their “end of the world”.

7) Be the first to invent a revolving lens system for DSLRs. It would make life much easier.

8) Being the first to go up and make a friendship with that director. Learning more and forming connections are very useful things.

9) Being the first to ask a question that everyone else also has in a class environment. Could save many people from a lot of stress.

10) Being the first to invest in a potentially great idea of someone else’s. Help them along and get involved.

Photoshop Mix & Pixlr

This photo is me imagining my future. I photoshopped my self and posters into this photo of a house, illustrating the kind of house I want by the time I'm thirty.


I had to take as many selfie sub genres as possible. Don't judge.


I said don't judge.

Time to move on.

Next is crafting the Instagram fruit look.

Last but not least, a Snapchat and VSCO medley.

Face swap with someone who looks similar to you.
Face swap with someone who looks completely different from you.
Face swap with a portrait painting.
Face swap two people in a debate. Looking good you two...
Mundane shot + Meaningful little Snapchat drawing.
Photo of fubbing (phone snubbing) + absurd Snapchat drawing.
"harmony of living (Happiness) can be achieved not just by doing what one is best at, but also by..."
"Many people are awash with information and images of happiness, and yet still drowning in a..."
"Even when we have established an intimate network of social support and derived a great deal of satisfaction from it, we remain..."
Kanya not?
Face swap with self.
Self explanatory.
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