our seal

Our mission is to have all the buff people in the world in one location and make them ten times buffer.


#1 follow the schedule

#2 be buff

# 3 no vegans

# 4 if you are a wimp you don't belong

# 5 if you are sassy to me you're out!!

# 6 NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!

# 7 you cant be short (Seth)

# 8 no mullets

# 9 if I don't like your music you leave

# 10 go to every party

we are located on top of Mount Madoriama.


Monday- leg day

Tuesday- chest day

Wednesday- abs

Thursday- arms

Friday- rest day

Saturday- climb the mountain, PARTY

Sunday- eat ice cream and yummy food all day

we don't have a government. the leaders will be Michael Harris, Jaxon Stowe, Grant macartny and Daniel gil

if you like being buff and all the glory you get from winning a arm wrestle this is the place for you. as you enter buffland you will be given a bowl of ice cream of your choice and you will get a shirt. don't you want to spend all day working out. don't you love being sore and being able to bench 500000 pounds. you would be better than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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