Walkouts The unexpected blow

What's a Walkout?

A walkout is when a group of employees or citizens leave a normal position or post that leaves a company with not enough workers to function properly. This is to show disgust in a treatment, idea or person that causes citizens to feel unfair. Walkouts can be very effective because the company does not know when a walkout will occur making the company struggle to fill the loss of employees. The downside though, is that if no one else joins the walkout, the movement will be weak.

Hundreds of Boston students walk out after millions of dollars in school budget cuts.

British Airlines Walkout

About 2700 of British airlines employees have just gone on a 48 hour strike. British airways has arranged a new payment deal that has caused much of the cabin crew to feel upset at this situation. The original walkout was due to be on Christmas, but it was voted to be done on January 10-11. This is causing minimal trouble for British airways though, because only 15% of British airways employees have participated in the walkout. Although, 44 flights have been canceled in the wake of this walkout.

Angry cabin crew riot on top of a busy intersection to gain the attention of the public

Lufthansa Walkout

In December, the cabin crew of German Lufthansa airlines did a walkout to show their disapproval of working conditions and pay. The cabin crew demands a 3.66% wage increase in wage. This walkout was extremely effective, as Lufthansa canceled 876 flight, equivalent of 110,000 people being relocated. This is one of the around 15 strikes/walkouts that Lufthansa has had to cope with. The airlines has said they would compromise at a 2.5% wage hike, but no one has agreed so far. These large walkouts prove to be very effective for the cabin crew of Lufthansa Airlines.

Lufthansa employees walking out, most still in uniform.
Various walkouts and strikes from different times and different places.

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