A Glimpse Back at 2020: A Senior Perspective By: Olivia Patel and Reilly West

Friday Night Lights

Seniors, front row at a Friday night Varsity football game, all come to cheer on their fellow classmates and lead the rest of the student section in cheers such as the classic "We are the Mighty". Senior Mia Patel remembers screaming those very words at some of the most intense football games: "It's a completely different feel to be at the front of it all, finally leading the rest of Homestead in a cheer I've been saying for the past three years," commented Patel.
Riley Taylor, senior, running the football in in hopes to score a touchdown against their very tough competition, Grafton. Looking back on that game, Taylor commented that the game was "an offensive battle" with the final score being 35-42.
Seniors Annie McCormick and Olivia Sullivan smiling at a Homestead football game in their blackout themed clothes, their to support their fellow senior friends on the football team. "My favorite event this year was football games," commented McCormick, "because it was the best kickoff to senior year, and also so fun to finally be in the very front of the student section."


This group of seniors decided to take a more old time classic approach by dressing up as characters from the movie Grease. Senior, Madison Heitz, comments on how they came to pick their theme for the homecoming dance: "We definitely had a few ideas for dressing up, but Grease was definitely the stand out." Heitz referred to this night as "one of my favorite moments from high school," and surely other seniors would agree.
Senior homecoming, according to senior Tori Brandenburg, has been a moment to look forward to since freshman year: "I've always looked forward to my senior year homecoming because you get to dress up according to the theme," said Brandenburg. Her and her friends went along with the theme of movie stars, as they all dressed up as different phases of Brittany Spears. "It was just fun and cool to see what everyone came up with!" commented Brandenburg.

Winter Formal

Winter formal was, unexpectantly, the last high school dance the seniors would be attending. Looking back, to seniors Anna Gilger and Grace Mueller, this meant a last hurrah with her friends. "I had so much fun with all of my friends before, during, and after the dance. It's even more special as this turned out to be our last high school dance together," said Gilger. "I'm glad I'll get to remember my last dance at Homestead, since we ended up not being able to attend prom," commented Mueller. To both these seniors and all others that attended winter formal, it's looked back at as the last special dance they all attended together.
Winter formal to seniors Jamie Gebhart and Madigan Magee is the time to dress up and to get together with friends. "It was fun to get dressed up with my friends," said Magee. To them, the before part, including pictures and getting the group together, is almost more fun than the dance itself.