Scheduling your VIP group for Engagement and Efficiency using a Content Calendar A tutorial by cassie Trebar for do more photographers

Daily VIP Posting Schedule

9-10:30am Morning Motivation/Inspiration


Examples of Morning Inspiration and Motivation

12-1:30pm Boudoir/Business Content (Every day is different)

Monday: Meet your photographer Monday

Some fun fact about you, your pets, your favorite color, favorite food etc.

Tuesday: Tushie or Tata Tuesday

Images that show off the ASSets ;)


  • Wet and Wild Wednesday: Images from Shower Sessions, Beach Sessions, Bath Sessions etc. or something out of the ordinary for your work
  • Woman Crush Wednesday: A client you want to highlight for any reason


  • Transformation Thursday: Before and Afters of clients that show a before make up image next to a fully finished boudoir image. Be sure to talk about the transformation in their confidence and self-love.
  • Tell Me about it Thursday: Live videos talking about various topics related to a boudoir session (being scared is normal, look at our client wardrobe, hey look at these albums, etc.)

Fearless Friday

Highlight a client, talk about how they faced their fears, how fierce they are and tell others they can do this too.

Sexy Saturday and Smokin’ Hot Sunday

Both of these days are just any client you feel like showing off for the day

!!! On every Boudoir Themed post always leave the inquiry info and tell them to leave the girl some love so you get comments

3:30-4:30pm Daily Interactive Topic

Please note this particular section of the schedule was built and expanded on the base set up by Andrea Mendoza in the forum you can find extra info by visiting her original resource.


  • Mad Love Monday: Tag someone you love, spreads some kindness, uplift another girl in the group
  • Make Up Monday: Talk about make up tips, beauty hacks or other girl stuff (this is also a great time for your make up artist to step in and get some interaction so people get to know them as well)


  • Pro Tip Tuesday: Share a recipe with us, an article, a hack or a book you have read lately that you loved
  • Tell Me About It Tuesday: Share your latest blog post and ask them an engaging question about it.


  • Humble Brag Wednesday: What is something you did this week that you are proud of?? Uplift each other and be proud of yourself.
  • Wonder Wednesday: Any question you might like to ask them. Talk about them and get to know them.


  • Thought Provoking Thursday: Something that makes them think. Talk about society’s version of beauty, ask them something that makes them truly happy, talk to them about their self esteem Any topic that gets them thinking and interacting.
  • Throwback Thursday: Ask them advice they would give their younger selves or ask them to think back to a time when they felt confident, beautiful, empowered etc.


Selfie Friday: Self-explanatory but be sure to participate yourself and ask them to comment on other members selfies


Self Love and Self Care Saturday: Ask them how they took care of themselves this week and what they did to give themselves some love


  • Struggle Sunday Ask them what went wrong this week and tell them to lift each other up.
  • Snuggle Sunday: Ask them to show you their snuggle selfies with their kids/pets/partners

!!! On all posts do not forget that you are not Taylor Swift and you do not have people. You are your people so be involved in the comments and replies and don’t just post and ghost.

7:30-8:30 Any Current Updates or Announcements

This is when you announce anything that you really want seen. You can announce contests, updates, or whatever you want them to see. This is based on the most active time frame in your group so be sure to check out your insights if this specific time frame proves to be ineffective for you. Every group is different but most groups will be most active after dinner is cleaned up and kids are in bed or everyone is relaxing.

9-9:30pm Games and Sex Topics

Any fun facebook game you find that gets them to play and participate. Keep it simple with this. You can also search places like cosmo, buzzfeed, and other similar sites for sex topics and be sure to ask them a specific question to get the conversation started.

Examples of Facebook games

Tips and Tricks!

**No matter the scheduled time frame always post on the 15-minute mark sometime within the scheduled hour. IE post at 9/9:15/9:45/etc. for the 9-10 am hour. This has worked out best for me in my experimentation.

**Posts that you want seen by a lot of members do very well after a super engaging game. So make sure to do an awesome super poplar game the night before an announcement.

**Asking for GIFS is much more successful than asking for comments but you do have to ask. 9 times out of 10 people will not comment or engage unless you ask them to. You have to tell them what you want or ask a question. Also ladies love to give their opinion on everything so use that to your advantage.

**Always keep your brand story and voice in mind and do not post things you would not agree with yourself because it will not engage the correct audience for you. Taylor swift doesn’t rap to try and steal Kanye’s fans. Always remember that.

**Photos and videos do much better than simple text posts. You can use sites and apps like Canva, Word Swag, Over, and Picmonkey to make photos and places like Spark, Vivi and Animoto for videos.

Be sure you head over to the resources page to download your free VIP group scheduling tracker at the link below!! This calendar is what I use to help me schedule out a full month of posts at one time!

If you want easy already done content for every day of the year check out VIP 365 in the Do More Photographers Storefront thanks to Brianna Phelan and use your tracking calendar to check off once you've scheduled your awesome content!

PC: Keshia Rice

Have questions? Feel free to tag me in the facebook group as Cassie Trebar and I am happy to help! Or email me at blushbloomboudoir@gmail.com

Happy Scheduling!!!

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Cassandra Pyles


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