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Transportation issue in Mississauga

The issue in Mississauga would be not many people have a hybrid or electric car. The average Canadian makes $37,604 after income tax and the person also spends 20% of their earnings on their cars on average. Therefore assuming you make 37 thousand and you buy a car every year, you would spend $7520 a year. The cheapest brand name in the electric car industry would be the smart first generation which costs $25,750 before sales tax which means after sales tax it would cost $29,097. Which is more than 20% of the average person’s Salary in Canada,and it is way more than anybody would be willing to spend on a 2 door electric car.

Cheapest Brand electric car


It is unsustainable because only a small amount of people in Mississauga would be willing to buy an electric car for the sake of the environment. Either the rest of the population doesn’t care because they aren’t convinced on the dangers of pollution or they will hope that a huge portion of Mississauga will buy these electric car so they don’t feel guilty. But a lot of people can’t afford these cars because of bills and other things at hand. It is estimated that we will run out of oil in 55 years from now, meaning that regular cars would be unsustainable for our future generation


If you were to build a car on your own for $1000-$2000(electric) then why can’t a company build a car for a similar price or maybe build it for $3000.This shows that car companies overprice their electric cars on purpose for the sake of profit. So In my project I would like to convince the government to give a bigger discount on purchasing an electric car that would convince people to buy an electric car, in a way people would be killing two birds with one stone, Saving the environment and buying a new car.

Transportation planner

Overpopulation issues in Mississauga

Mississauga is overpopulated well at least for a place that is considered a suburb as Mississauga relies on Toronto way more than it should. Mississauga has a population of 750,000+, National geographic states that cities will increase their population by at least 10% at least until 2030. That means Mississauga will get another 75,000 people not including immigrants.



After the 10% added it is predicted that pollution and the output of co2 could double because a lot of people will have to live on the outskirts of mississauga, therefore having a car is a requirement, if the energy situation and trying to be green wasn’t already bad enough now it is getting worse and there are only a few options to sustain a population of this size.


The government should introduce ways of working from home or having work near your area (not more than 10 km). A lot of people in Mississauga have to travel to Toronto for work, therefore giving people the reason to live in Toronto instead of Mississauga and making Toronto overpopulated.

Energy and Water

Energy issues in Mississauga

In Canada the average family uses 50 kWh a day, in Costa Rica the average family uses 60 kWh a month, that means Canadian families use 25 times the amount a Costa rican family uses.

Energy Unsustainability in Mississauga

Greenest international city

In Ontario there have been 136 million kWh worth of electric generation installed with a population of 35 million. When in Norway there is 28 million kWh for a population of 5 million people. Therefore approximately Norway is 2x more Eco-friendly.


Solar Panel

Canada specifically Mississauga should and can use more Sustainable energy also known as renewable energy maybe then we can compete with Norway.

Waste Management

WM Issues in Canada

Approximately 26 million tonnes of waste are produced by Canadians annually averaging 600 kilograms per capita that is more than any other Developed country in the world, over 75% of this waste will go to landfills and incinerators, Landfills produce methane and large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane is 20x times more effective than co2 as it traps more heat in the atmosphere, Incineration has many issues for starters it is one of the more costly programs and in the process a chemical called dioxin is produced, it is a cancerous chemical.

Unsustainability from landfills

Peel recycling truck

Mississauga and most Canadian cities will rely on landfills as their way of managing waste, there are only 32 large landfills across Ontario and only 4 in Mississauga, and according to the star we only have till 2029 until all landfills have ran out of space.



The best way to get rid of waste in an Eco friendly way is to convert waste to energy(Wte) it is just as expensive as a landfill but it is more efficient and Eco friendly, and this type of energy would be very cheap for the consumer, technically this would be renewable because humans will produce waste no matter what. This could also be used as a way to clear land fills and use the waste in the landfills for energy.

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