Why do we forget things? By olivia grabianowski

What and where is memory

Memory is stored in the Frontal Cortex

What is memory?

Inside out

By definition memory is "the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information". If everyone has memory, so why do we forget things eventually.

The science of it all

In the past several decades, cognitive psychologists have determined that there are two primary memory systems in the human mind:

A short-term, or “working,” memory that temporarily holds information about just a few things that we are currently thinking about; and a long-lasting memory that can hold massive amounts of information gained through a lifetime of thoughts and experiences. These two memory systems are also thought to differ in the level of detail they provide

So why?

So the big question is " why do we forget things"? ..........

The truth is we don't exactly know, however we do have theoretical possibilities to why.

The theories!!!

1. Retrieval failure

2. Inference

3.failure to store

4.motivated forgetting

What we know now

Again we still don't exactly know why it happens or what causes it to happen that someone has proven, but by studying the brain for more than a month now I have learned that I could totally be different for everyone! It just depends on who you are. Every one is truly unique in their own way.


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